Small Residential Somerville Side-Streets Paying The Price For New Broadway Traffic Pattern Backups

By William Tauro

This is traffic overflow that is caused by the new Broadway engineered traffic design.

The overflowing congested traffic from Broadway as you can see in these photos makes its way down to Marshall Street where they hit Radclift Street then to Sunnyside Avenue then from Sunnyside Avenue it makes its way to Wigglesworth Avenue. Not good, looks like we need a better plan, do you think?

The new pavement markings, signage, and traffic signal retiming on Broadway Between Magoun Square and McGrath Highway has many residents outraged and are demanding that these decision be reversed.

The new lanes and parking are very confusing to many residents who are raising concerns that it will be more dangerous as well.

As you travel on Broadway in Winter Hill heading west the city has removed at least thirty parking spaces and created a bus only lane in the area and some residents are complaining that “There was very poorly advertised notices or public input allowed where people could come and speak out about it. It’s so ridiculous and a nightmare waiting to happen.”

As you travel further into Magoon area there are no seperate bus lanes and spaces intact that residents stated “Which makes no sense at all and again poor planning by the city.” Another resident told us that “There’s going to be a lot of car doors opening up and taking out bikers or cars clipping mirrors.”

The city of Somerville stated on their website “ Based on stakeholder feedback, the design of Broadway has been modified between Temple St and Main St in the westbound (or uphill) direction. The bus and bike lanes will be separated due to safety concerns regarding the difference in speed between buses and bikes when climbing Winter Hill. This will require converting the parking lane along that section to non-automobile uses.

Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board or even better maybe its time for new engineers to come into the city? Let know your thoughts.

One thought on “Small Residential Somerville Side-Streets Paying The Price For New Broadway Traffic Pattern Backups”

  1. It is so amazing how many ways they can find to waste money. People are already ignoring the painted lines. I would think a protest with people blocking the pavement painting company from painting the street would be in order. It appears in this city that is allowable.. This insanity has to stop somewhere. Talking to people in Winter Hill they are going to drive where they want regardless of the lines and if ticketed will fight it. Since red lights and no turn on red are ignored why not paint in the street. I see the pavement painting company just now parked in the bicycle lane as we speak. They don’t even know where to park and drive. I think we need a starting time so we can get there before the painters do and block it. Chains and cement blocks again?

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