Somerville Speakup Line:The Real Story, The Truth, The Lies

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Joe “Corleone” Curtatone is not who you think he is. I was asked by a television host last year why the citizens of Somerville keep electing him. “Banners and bike lanes,” I replied. I went on to explain that Joe considers himself a well-dressed Bernie Sanders, when in fact he is Michael Corleone.” I stole that line from an alderman, sorry, city council person.

Joe is not a progressive I explained. He doesn’t care about minority’s, illegal immigrants, the homeless or the drug addicted. He puts up banners and paints bike lanes because he knows it’s what gets him elected. If he cared about drug addiction, he would not have run blocker for his drug dealing detective cousin between 05 and 2017, when he helped him obtain a 72% pension instead of firing him, for the 2nd time.

Joe, you are a fraud, u know it. He allowed “Officer Oxy” to sell drugs to high school students, he knew it and did nothing about it.

He is now doing what he does best, signaling to the voting public that he is a progressive; he isn’t, you are being played.

Joe McCain

3 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:The Real Story, The Truth, The Lies”

  1. He can either do it at ten hills boat house or star market on broadway since it will be on the way home. Convienant for bikers, walkers, t line and cars.

  2. Methadone Mile comes to Somerville.
    Government should provide roads and schools, not harbor illegals and assist drug use. What’s next – teaching classes on how to rob banks?

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