Why Are People So Afraid to Speakup, Stop Sitting on Your Hands Somerville and Talk

By William Tauro

A common everyday question that I hear regularly “When will it stick?” or “When will it happen?” Of course they’re talking about the corruption that I have been reporting every week for the past three years or so.

Looks like most people out they are a part of the problem because they just sit on their hands and do nothing about it even though I put it out there in full detail.

It seems that people are to afraid to speak and complain about it, maybe fearful of retaliation? If anyone’s gonna get sued it will be me so stop worring about it. For God’s sakes, ask questions. Call your city councilors, your senators, your representatives, your Governor, your district attorney, your Attorney General as well as the the FBI and ask the magic question, “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about these allegations of corruption in Somerville?” Why are we just letting it happen?

Ask these agencies about the alleged fraud involved with the many eminent domain takings in Somerville. Ask about the police officer who allegedly stole over $90,000 from the Somerville Police Union. Ask about the police officer who put his penis on a school computer who was later recommended twice for a promotion. Ask about Middlesex Register of Deeds, the mayors sister Maria Curtatone’s spring Drunk Fest where she was allegedly caught red handed serving hundreds of underage teens alcohol resulting in a stabbing. Ask about the Somerville Police and DPW overtime and compensation scandals. Ask about the illegal tampering of the Somerville Police and Fire Departments municipal hiring lists that bumped dozens of young candidates who’s destinies changed forever as well as Sean Collier’s destiny which placed him in the path of the Boston Marathon Bombers which resulted in his murder.

For God’s sakes ask about everything and don’t just wait for someone else to do it for you because it won’t happen on its own.

All that people are doing by being fearful is empowering these culprits to get away with everything that they can get away with, more and more without fear of getting caught.

It even appears that the new city counselors have already teamed up with the administration by letting the mayor walk in for another term instead of doing what’s right.

I’ve been hearing that a deal was already struck so they can just walk right in during the 2021 elections by allowing this mayor to walk right in unopposed for another two more years for the 2021-2022 mayoral term.

Don’t continued to be fooled and act like sheep, do yourself justice. Do something about it. Speakup!

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