Somerville Speakup Line: Alleged Rent Payment/ Money-Order Federal Scam at Saint Polycarp’s Apartments Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I am writing to you about a potential rental payment scam that’s going on at the newly built Saint Polycarp Apartments in Somerville. Many tenants, especially tenants that are paying via money order, their rents are disappearing and not appearing on their rental ledger records as paid. The payments that are appearing are appearing on other tenants accounts as changed account

For over two years I’ve been paying my rent with a money order and on all my rental ledgers they read rent is zero, so the money is going somewhere. Even though I am getting credit for paying my rental price as zero, I don’t feel this is right that someone is getting away with it.

Another tenant told us that somebody is taking photos of the money orders account numbers and depositing them in different banking accounts. He also told us that it is happening to anybody who is paying with money orders and that their transactions sometimes appear on other peoples rent ledger reports as transfers.

To cover their behinds whoever is pulling this alleged scam, they are listing the rent price as zero so the rental monies don’t appear as missing in the books and so that it appears that no money is missing.

We as tenants are intending to file a formal complaint with the federal government where HUD low income housing is in involved in the particular building.

Please get this message out there in case anyone else has experienced the same problems.

A tenant of Saint Polycarp Apartments

5 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Alleged Rent Payment/ Money-Order Federal Scam at Saint Polycarp’s Apartments Somerville”

  1. I wanted to believe that SCC and they investors have no clue off what’s going on. They hired Wingate to take care off they property so Wingate is the one responsible for any alleged above.If this is proven to be true they need a sit down and try to resolve it before HUD gets involved. They can loose funding and a class A lawsuit can be in place. I don’t know why SCC trust unqualified Manager to handle they biggest assets.

  2. I am not quite sure where this tells me someone is stealing money, it reflects your rent was paid and the balance is zero. Please explain better where the money is stolen?

  3. Check with that sleazy wanna be gangstah Mayor!
    His time is borrowed. Even Dirty Maura Healy has to eventually bow to the pressure of impending indictments and the inevitable crash and burn end of her fraudulent career on the cash cow political pig express known as Massachusetts Democratic Express! They will all go down together or closely assimilated in time.
    I’m sure filthy Joe is cashing in on this. Maybe he needs the money for his horrible medical situational expenses and unfortunate maladies…..

  4. Please file a complaint with HUD. Dont accept phony excuses from the City or anybody else. From the lack of transparency, its clear someone is cashing in big time. This needs to see the light of day and be fully exposed. Do not be dissauded from filing an official complaint.

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