One thought on “Let Somerville High School entertain you!”

  1. Homeless people in Somerville AKA the “Ville” I’m not surprised. I have been forced out after living there my entire life. I have a sick spouse and now have to travel 30 miles to Boston for treatment. I’m one of the lucky people who had the means and support of family to help me. No, I did not buy a home, in the “Ville” which I deeply regret. I see the old homes selling out to the flippers for outrageous amounts of money. I know change happens but let’s not forget the average person just trying to get by week to week. Not everyone is born to make six figures a year. Why should people have to struggle in a city that is booming? The tax money coming in should provide for the homeless. I’m sorry I voted for a person that obviously has forgotten who put him in this position of growth and wealth for a formally working class city. To all of you who feel forced out or left behind I feel your pain.

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