The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Jean Silva, Henry Marcucella III, Stephen Woodman, John Businger, Keithy Laporta, Garfield McIntosh, Kerri Rodrigues, Kensis Perez, Joshua E. Davison, Arthur Escott, Dan Mackey, Kenneth Reeves, George Smichinski, Bob McWatters, Valdo Meneses, Erica Karl, Saritin Rizzuto, Michael A Arruda, Craig Bowers, Leland Cheung, Bruce B. Cohen, Terrence Kennedy, Eva Centofanti, Edeng Lapitan Baliola, Gabby Cyrus, Pattie Barry Foscarota, Happy 17 th Birthday to Megan Miller, Happy 40th Birthday to Ray Baldasaro, Happy Birthday to Mrs OMeara, Happy 73rd Birthday to Roslyn Santangelo and Happy 88th Birthday to Fabulous Fanny!

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