Not a Merry Christmas for All (f politically correct) City of Somerville 2019 Classification Hearing

By William Tauro

Here is some information on multiple options that are in for the city to approve.   As you will see in these documents those owning multiple family units are taking the biggest hit. 

There is only one exception and that’s in the Ten Hills neighborhood where the mayor resides (We wonder why?). Minimal houses thus minimal resale properties. Those owning 4 families or greater will have about a $5,000.00 tax change per year. Condos will stay the same or go down. Now is that keeping Somerville affordable?

They wonder why people are fleeing Somerville and developers are buying in.

We haven’t even kicked in with the new high school, the bond, Union Square or the new public safety building as of yet.

This information will hopefully get the interest of the home owners who do not go out and vote nor get involved.

If you remember Joes first speech “You cannot cut your way to success”.

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