Newstalk SpeakUp Loud Issues for August 17th 2018 with Billy Tauro

Its nice to know that Mayor Joe is in the other side of the world on the equator in Honduras and El Salvador with another liberal hack Congressman McGovern stirring up more political rant. The make believe liberal duet are said to be there warning the government there to be prepared for the arrival of our illegal migrants that are in our city and being sent back via President Donald Trump’s immigration laws on deporting illegal immigrants.

Mayor Joe should be here instead working on how to fix the broken Somerville that he has indulged in its wealth before worrying about the problems of across the world.


We’re pretty surprised at the stunt Mayor Joe Curtatone pulled at last weeks Mayor’s Senior Picnic at Powder House Park. It seems that he asked Former Ward 3 Alderman Rob McWatters to walk the Middlesex Disritct Attorney around the Senior Picnic and introduce her to all the seniors. When it came time to introducing all the elected officials he completely shunned Alderman McWatters! When we caught up with Former Alderman Rob McWatters he was walking down the street talking to himself shaking his head. Looks like Mayor Joe burned another bridge that proves he forgets where he comes from!


Maybe the City of Somerville should hire the state police investigators and prosecutors to take over the Somerville DPW Overtime Scandal that has been plaguing our city for years. They did a pretty good job picking out all the deadbeats crooked state troopers that were caught stealing from the system.

Now it’s time to get these deadbeats in this city from for the Somerville DPW Repair Garage Foreman to the fleet manager who have been bilking our fine city for years with many scheems including while restoring their class Oldsmobile convertible automobile at the city yard and draining our taxpayers dollars.

Mike the DPW Garage Forman made over $140,000.00 this past year with probably $70k in overtime where he hasn’t completed a full complete week in months at the Somerville DPW.

The Garage foreman Ron apparently let’s him get away with it for months at a time robbing you the taxpayers of your hard earned dollars to support these two political hacks on you dime! Absolutely disgusting!

Its time to “Drain the Swamp in Somerville and take back our city from these political hacks!


Have you noticed or is just me? When you get to crosswalk you see all these pro political liberals doing the casual stroll as if they are entitled people to just across the dam street. I don’t know about you but when I grew up I was taught to respect cars look for ways before crossing.


What the hell is going on st the Somerville DPW with the new garage repair foreman guy Ron Bonnie? Well it looks like the Somerville DPW workers taught the newly appointed garage foreman a little lesson. Well it appears that garage supervisor Ron was blasting the DPW Workers about alleged damages to some city vehicles when they shoved it to him and said hey why are we driving so many defective city vehicles with engine lights on and rejected inspection stickers on them. Its Somerville’s useless Fleet Manager Ron Bonney’s job that pays him over-the-top-dollar-signs every week to fix it so the people spoke and told Ron the DPW newly formed position by the mayor for the hack created job of Fleet Manager to do your job and fix them!

We heard that Tommy Barry stepped up to the plate big-time and tore Ron’s head off in the meeting. Called him a sneaky rat for taking pictures of the trucks at night after hours. It was classic.

According to sources the very next day the fine men and women of the Somerville DPW flooded the DPW garage with all the city vehicles clogging up the repair garage with all the city trucks that were malfunctioning with engine lights on and rejection inspection stickers on them that were to unsafe for the city workers to drive for the little crybaby garage fleet manager to fix. What a lesson well learned that you don’t shit where you eat!


What’s going on with the infamous Middlesex South Registrar of Deeds AKA Dirty Deeds Maria Curtatone Underage Drinkfest that happened in June. No suspects, no arrests, no worries we guess? It seems to be that the Somerville Police investigators aren’t even looking for the stabbing suspect nor even doing their job. I even took the liberty two weeks ago to file a formal complaint with Somerville Police Chief David Fallon and yet no response. How appalling is that? We guess Mayor Joe must of just gave the chief the don’t investigate sign that was it. Those of you that know me know that I will not let this happen and realize that I am out to expose all of them if it’s the last thing that I do.

Where is the public outcry over this horrendous coverup? Its definitely not fair and absolutely not legal and you can count on me that I will not let them get away with it! Trust me!


Regarding Dirty Deeds Curtatone Registrar Maria it looks like she will get re-elected in November because her one and only opponent never got all his signatures. Not a problem we will fight till the very last moment to get her to step down for all her illegal acts over the years and pay for them. She is the spirit of corruption, the face of evil and she has to be stopped and she will.

We are encouraging people to leave her ballet blank or even better yet we are encouraging people to run the sticker campaign against this crooked county hack. If you are interested in running a sticker campaign against Dragon Lady Curtaphony please get in touch with me and we will make it happen.


We here at the News are scratching our heads and wondering how on earth did Somerville Housing Authority’s Kevin Bumeus ever get hired for Somerville Housing Authority? We did some research and discovered that at his former position in the city of Framingham he was allegedly accused for providing his whole family with cell phones. How was he hired in Somerville? This story is still developing and will update you as we dig deeper into this scandal at the Somerville Housing Authority.

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