Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brian BARRY (Armed Assault to Rob)

The following is a summary of the facts pertaining to incident #18000585:

On January 3, 2018, at approximately 2140hours, I, Officer Yvon Jean-Jacques Jr., while in marked cruiser 871, working sector West, was dispatched to XXXXX convenience store (XXX Willow Ave) for a robbery.  Upon heading westbound on Broadway towards Cedar street.  Somerville control/headquarters put out a plate number of Mass Reg# XXXXX a Nissan Maxima over the air that was used as a getaway vehicle for the perpetrator who had just committed an armed robbery.  While pulling up to the light at Cedar and Broadway, I saw the vehicle pass me going east bound on Broadway.  I then activated my blue lights and made a U-turn towards that vehicle and pulled it over at the corner of Broadway Auto Sales (525 Broadway) and Sunoco Gas Station (541 Broadway).  The driver was very hesitant.  As I made the U-turn, Officer Michael McGrath assigned to the traffic unit backed me up and helped me conduct a felony stop.

At the felony stop, with our lights and sirens activated, Officer McGrath and myself boxed the vehicle in a V shape manner where we did not let the vehicle have an escape route.  I then jumped out of my cruiser and took out my service weapon for they broadcast that the individual was in possession of a knife.  I ordered the driver to open the door while having my service weapon  drawn.   He obeyed my commands at which point, I told Officer McGrath to cover me and took the suspect out of the vehicle.  I put the suspect in the prone position on the ground while I placed him in handcuffs.  The suspect was later identified to me as a Brian Barry (DOB of XXXXXX) and I also conducted a pat frisk of Mr. Barry.

During the pat frisk of Mr. Barry, I found a silver knife inside of his black hoodie.  I seized the knife for evidence.  I then had Officer Sergio Costa watch Mr. Barry while I went to his vehicle to look for instruments of the crime the armed robbery.  As Mr. Barry was under the control of Officer Sergio Costa, he was read his Miranda rights by Officer Schneider.   Det. Monaco arrived on scene and gave me pertinent information relevant to the crime and we looked into the car for those items.  I began to conduct a pat frisk of the vehicle where in plain view I saw a pair of white gloves, a white facemask and Boston baseball hat that placed Mr. Barry at the scene of the crime.  These items were verified an d articulated by numerous witnesses and were in plain view in the vehicle.

I then took the items placed them in the back of my vehicle in a paperback to be transported back to the station as evidence.  I had received a text from Det. Monaco of the pictures of Mr. Barry wearing the same clothing  that he had on and possessing the same items (the white facemask, the white gloves, the Boston red sox B logo hat and the silver knife) while he was attempting to rob the store clerk, XXXXX, with a knife. Please refer to Det Monaco’s report for detailed information as Det Monaco went directly to the store to speak with the victim.  I was then instructed by Sgt. Capasso to take pictures of the items as they were in the vehicle at the time of the felony stop.  I then went back to the vehicle with all the items and had Det. Monaco take pictures of the scene and items at their previous locations before they were seized by me.

Mr. XXXXXX states the suspect entered the store and stated, “Give me money….give me all the money from the lottery.”  It was at this moment, Mr. XXXXXX states to the suspect, “Come over here and get the money.”  As the suspect makes his way behind the clerks desk, that’s when XXXXX pulls out a bat to defend himself.  Mr. Barry then swings the knife at Mr. XXXXX and runs, exiting the store running towards  Morrison Ave to a  waiting vehicle.

Officers Soares and Difava conducted two show-up identifications where Barry was presented to two witnesses,  XXXXX and XXXXX.  Show up advisements were imparted and the witnesses were independently brought to the area of the car stop to view Barry.  Both witnesses positively identified Barry as the suspect.  Barry was arrested and transported to SPD for booking by Lt Rymill.

I also was able to get a hold of XXXXX (a witness to the robbery) who stated he was the one who gave the store clerk the Mass Reg plate of XXXXX.  I have included his information within this report.  He states that he noticed the store clerk with a bat chasing an unknown male down the street.  He then continued to follow the man on to Morrison Ave while on his bike until the man jumped into his car on one of the side streets off of Morrison ave.  It was there he was able to get Mr. Barry’s license plate.

Respectfully Submitted,

Yvon Jean-Jacques Jr. #281

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