Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Roberto PEREIRA (Op. MV with License Suspended, Fail to Stop for Police, Leave Scene of Property Damage, Negligent Op. of MV, MV Lights Violation, Improper Op. of MV)

On Monday, April 25th, 2016, I, Officer Lorenti was in full uniform, assigned to marked cruiser unit 781, (E-1), for the Somerville Police Department. At 12:50 AM, Officer Dottin, radio transmitted to Somerville Police Dispatch, that a red pickup truck with words written on the doors, hit a black Nissan Altima, and fled the scene. Officer Dottin also gave out a direction the vehicle was traveling.

        As Officer Dottin was updating the vehicle’s direction, I was traveling West bound on Highland Ave towards Officer Dottin’s location. I was stopped at a red light located at the corner of Highland Ave and Central Street, when I observed a red pickup truck matching the description put out by Ofc. Dottin traveling North bound on Central Street at a high rate of speed with no headlights on.

        I attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop on Central Street by activating my emergency blue lights and sirens; however the vehicle would not come to a stop. I radioed my location to Somerville Police Dispatch to inform them, and other responding units that the vehicle was not coming to a stop. I followed the vehicle from the corner of Highland Ave and Central Street, down to Pembroke Street. The driver took a right onto Pembroke Street, drove down Pembroke Street, and took a left onto Sycamore Street where he finally came to a complete stop in front of 77 Sycamore Street. All streets in this matter are public ways.

        I exited my police cruiser to conduct an exit order on the operator of the red pickup truck. The operator exited the vehicle and was immediately placed into handcuffs. The driver was identified as Mr. Roberto Pereira. Utilizing the CJIS Web application on my MDT, the results came back to Roberto having a suspended license under an “A” number, due to Operating under the influence of alcohol, on 11-19-2015.

        At this time I placed Roberto under arrest for M.G.L. 90/23- license suspended, operating a motor vehicle, M.G.L. 90/25- Stop for police, fail, and M.G.L. 90/7- operating without head lights. He was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Beckford, (200- prisoner transport vehicle), to be booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Lavey. Roberto was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation’s, (R7230940 and R7230941).


Respectfully submitted,



Ofc. Alex Lorenti #322


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