Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Drug Transaction



The following is a summary of the facts pertaining to incident #15023385:

On 05/21/2015, I Detective Douglas Brioso was assigned to the Narcotics Unit, in plain clothes, operating an unmarked police vehicle.
At approximately 1754 hrs, I was parked in the parking lot of the Hess gas station located at 709 McGrath Highway. While seated in my vehicle, I observed an Jeep Wrangler parked two spots away from me. A white male was seated in the drivers seat. Moments later a Nissan Altima approached and parked in the parking space directly to my left. Both parties rolled down their windows and exchanged words.

The male operator of the Nissan exited his motor vehicle and entered in to the passenger side of the Jeep. In my training and experience, I believed that a street level narcotics transaction was taking place. Both parties looked both ways as if to make sure no one was looking and made furtive movements. The male seated in the passenger seat then exited the motor vehicle and entered the convenience store located at gas station. The male seated in the drivers seat stayed in place. At this time I alerted other detectives in the area of the suspicious activity that was taking place. Detectives Capasso, Cicerone, W Collette, and Legros arrived on scene as the male exited the convenience store. Detectives displayed their police badges and detained both parties.

The male party that entered the store was identified as ALEMAYEHU, Samson. I asked him if he knew the male seated in the Jeep and he stated “yes, he’s my coworker”. ALEMAYEHU stated that they happened to bump into each other at the gas station while he was there to buy cigarettes.

The male party seated in the Jeep was identified as xxxxxxxxx. Detective Capasso approached the vehicle and engaged xxxxx in conversation.

Detective Capasso relayed to me that xxxxx and ALEMAYEHU in fact engaged in a drug transaction and Detective Capasso also recovered a glassine sandwich bag which contained a green leafy substance, in my training and experience believed to be marijuana. GUEDES stated to Detective Capasso that he purchased an amount of marijuana for $70 from ALAMAYEHU while in his vehicle.

At this time I placed ALEMAYEHHU under arrest for the following charges:


During my search of ALEMAYEHU I recovered $64 in US Currency. I would also like to note that an unopened pack of NEWPORT cigarettes was found on his person.

The $64 in US Currency and the glassine bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana (8 grams) was tagged as evidence.

ALEMAYEHU was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via Unit 200, Officer Rivera and booked in the usual manner by Lt. McCain.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Douglas Brioso #267

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