Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Punching Patrons and Spitting on Bouncers at the Burren



On the above date and time while assigned to cruiser West Six, I was dispatched to the above address for an unwanted male fighting outside the Burren Pub.

Upon my arrival, West Five and the Commander were already on scene and broke up a fight where the suspect, later identified as Mr. Nihan, was beating on an unidentified individual who disappeared into the crowd before we could get his information. They both broke up the fight and Mr. Nihan would not calm down forcing West Five and the Commander to put Mr. Nihan in cuffs. Mr. Nihan continued yelling and screaming causing a disturbance. Motorists in vehicles and pedestrians gathered to observe the commotion.

I spoke with the bouncers of The Burren and they said Mr. Nihan sucker punched several patrons and spit on the outside bouncer and his partner. No patron came forward to give a statement and the bouncers declined to go forward and refused to give their information.

Mr. Nihan will be charged with Chap 272 Sec 53 Disorderly Conduct and Chap 268 Sec 32b Resisting Arrest. Mr Nihan

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