Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Assaulted by a Motor Vehicle, a Snow Brush & Voodoo


Martinez arrest

On Thursday February 26, 2015 at approximately 1245, while assigned to cruiser East 1, I officer Randy Isaacs was dispatched to the intersection of Cross ST and Pearl ST for a report of an accident involving a pedestrian. Upon arrival Officer Steve St.Hilaire was on scene, I immediately realized that both the operator of the motor vehicle (MA reg# 12CP94) and the pedestrian did not speak English. At that time I contacted dispatch in order to get a Spanish or Portuguese speaking officer to translate. Officer Cassandra Goncalves was contacted and dispatched to my location. While waiting for Officer Goncalves, I spoke with two witnesses . w1 stated that he witnessed a male and female talking then a motor vehicle striking the female. He then witnessed the driver of the vehicle get out of the vehicle and started hitting the victim with a snow brush.

After hitting the victim with the snow brush the operator of the vehicle, got in her vehicle and tried to drive away. At that time the victim had went into the corner store at the intersection to ask for help. As w1 tried to stop the driver from driving away he was also almost hit by the driver. The driver then got out of her vehicle a second time with the snow brush and went into the corner store and repeatedly tries hitting the victim again. W1 stated that the male that the victim was talking to is the husband of the driver and that the driver believes that the husband is cheating on her with the victim.

The second witness that I spoke with was w2. W2 stated that she did not see the victim being hit by the motor vehicle, however as she was driving by she notice a female hitting another female with a snow brush. W2 further stated that as she was about to go into the store she noticed that there was another guy that was trying to stop the vehicle from leaving and was almost hit in the process. Also, w2 stated that as the victim was inside the store asking for someone to call 911, the other female came inside the store with the same snow brush trying to attack the victim again. It was at that time that people in the store jumped in, in order to prevent the victim from being attacked again.

Upon arrival of Officer Goncalves, the operator of the motor vehicle who is identified as Ms. Josefina Martinez stated to her that she was outside of the store and noticed her husband speaking with another female and she confronted them both. Ms. Martinez stated that she did not hit the victim with her motor vehicle or attacked the victim, she just went over to speak with them and her husband ran away. Shortly Cataldo Ambulance arrived and the victim who is now identified as xxx was transported to Somerville hospital to be evaluated as to the extent of her injuries.

It was at that time that Ms. Martinez was placed under arrest and charged under MGL ch265/15A, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. Mobile detention, Unit 200 was notified and Ms. Martinez was transported to the Somerville Police station in order to be booked and finger printed. After Ms. Martinez was transported to the police station, I went to the Somerville Hospital to interview the victim and to see what extent of her injuries were. While at the hospital the victim stated that she had met Ms. Martinez a few months prior and even went to her house three times. xxx stated that one night at the defendant house she noticed that the defendant had a table dedicated to candles and saints. She asked the defendant what all the saints were for and the defendant stated it was from practicing voodoo. xxxx stated that she never went back to the defendants house and tried to separate and distance herself from the defendant. The defendant then started calling and threatening xxx, stating that she was going to kill her because she knew that her husband had slept with her. xxx stated that the defendant even went as far as to say that because she knows voodoo, she was going to dig up a grave and get the dirt from the grave to place at xxxs house in order to kill her.

Xxx stated that today as she was going to the corner store to meet with her cousin to have coffee, she noticed the defendants husband crossing the street. At that time the husband started to talk to her. As her back was turn to the street the defendant drove her car upon the sideway hitting her; if it was not for the defendants husband realizing the vehicle was coming toward her and pulling her, she would have been struck harder. Xxx then stated that after being struck on the leg with the vehicle the defendant got out with a snow brush and started attacking her. xxx was struck once with the snow brush on her arm as she protected her face. As the defendant continued trying to hit her with the brush she was screaming, (you fucking whore, Im going to kill you; I know you have been sleeping with my husband). xxx further stated that after the defendant was through attacking her, she got into her vehicle to drive away and almost stuck the people that were trying to stop her. After the defendant could not get her vehicle out, she got the snow brush again and went inside to attack xxx again. xxx was advised of her 209A rights and advised to seek a Restraining Order against the defendant.

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