5 thoughts on “Somerville Parking Spotsavers”

  1. A bad move by the mayor maybe he forgets what its like to have to shovel out a spot for yourself after every storm,my guess is his street the snow has been removed on both sides and there is no issue with parkingbut for most of the streets in Somervillethere is only parking on one sidecan you had to be out there every storm shoveling yes but to make sure you had somewhere to park,backbreaking workbut now someone who didn’t lift a finger to keep that spot cleared can pull in from two streets away have a nice clean parking spot,The mayor grew up in the cityhe should know better

  2. Truly upsets residents that they are spending time removing spot savers but doing NOTHING to remove snow barriers that prevent us from seeing while turning. As well as snow piles that are taking up parking spaces. Great use your time City of Somerville!

  3. This is ridiculous theres still no parking cuz of all these mountains on the side of the road they shouldnt b taking spot savers till they finish cleaning all the parking spots cuz they make mountains that block parking. Im in Cambridge and I hope this isnt happening here

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