Somerville:Citywide Parking Ban in Effect for All Streets: Park on the odd side (unless otherwise posted)

Please note that a citywide parking ban remains meaning that all cars must park on the odd-numbered side of the street unless otherwise posted. HOWEVER parking is now permitted on both sides of the following streets ONLY (unless otherwise posted): – See more at:
Last updated 2/16, 8:45 p.m.-

Video: Mayor Curtatone & SFD Chief Kevin Kelleher update

Somerville on the ongoing snow emergency on Sun. 2/16

Clear heating vents: Clear exterior heating vents of snow to avoid deadly CO poisoning. Watch for icicles from above when doing this. More info here.
Falling icicles: Be aware of icicles that could fall and cause injury from above.
More safety info: click here.
Shoveling deadline extended: Extended to Monday, Feb. 16, 10 p.m. (more info below)

Cars & Parking:

Citywide parking ban reinstated as of Noon Saturday, 2/14: Due to expected blizzard conditions this weekend, the parking ban on all streets has been reinstated as of noon Saturday. The ban includes all streets, including those where the ban was recently lifted. Vehicles not moved to the odd-numbered side of the street (unless otherwise posted) will be subject to ticketing and towing.
Parking available in City & School lots: The Mayor has ordered that City and school parking lots remain available for emergency parking as long as the exteded ban is in place. A portion of the Dilboy Stadium parking is also available for residents during the ban.
Meters: Meters are not in effect citywide as long as the snow emergency and parking ban remain in effect. Please note, parking is allowed only at meters on the odd side of the road (unless otherwise posted).
Map of available parking lots: A map of available parking lots, and additional snow emergency information is available at
Call for Driveway Sharing: Due to existing parking pressures, we strongly urge anyone with a driveway to use it and also consider sharing extra spots with friends and neighbors to help keep cars off of the streets for more effective cleaning.
Call to Businesses, Churches, & Community Organizations to Share Parking Lots: All private entities with parking lots are asked to share some spots with area residents if they are able.
Additional Parking for this storm:
Dilboy Stadium: The front portion of the Dilboy Stadium Parking Lot will be available for residents (in addition to the Dilboy Pool lot, which is always available during snow emergencies).
Assembly Row: All residents who remain parked at Assembly Row that reserved spots via Eventbrite may remain at Assembly Row during the snow emergency.
Alewife MBTA garage: Residents in the Davis area may want to consider parking at the Alewife MBTA station (for the daily rate).
If you are towed: Call the SPD non-emergency line at 617-625-1212.

Open/Closed for Tuesday 2/17

City offices: Open
Schools: Closed for February vacation
Libraries: Open (limited parking)
Recreation Dept. programs: On schedule
Kennedy Pool: Open
Veterans’ Rink: Open
MBTA: The T is operating Tuesday with limited service. Please check for updates on your route before departing for your trip.
Trash & Recycling week of 2/14: Trash will be on a one-day delay for the week due to the President’s Day holiday. Please place trash out one day after your normal pickup day.

Shoveling deadline: Extended to Monday, Feb. 16, 10 p.m.
We fully understand the very difficult shoveling environment, so please know that we are asking everyone to do their best to ensure others can safely navigate your walkways, and we, in turn, will continue to exercise common sense when it comes to enforcement. The new ordinance is designed first and foremost so that we can get those who never shovel to change their behavior. Most Somervillians have been doing an impressive job shoveling despite the epic snowfall. Thank you for that.
Snow removal updates

2/16/15, 8 p.m.: Our support teams from out of state have left (we are asking for more), but City crews and our contractors made good progress today on main roads, cross-town roads and neighborhood intersections designated for removal by the Fire Dept., as well as continuing work on walkways, bus shelters and handicapped ramps. Meanwhile, we have reached out to teams from across the region to get in any more help we can. We are deeply concerned about the narrowing side-streets and are working systematically to address access issues according to priorities set by the Fire Dept. After tomorrow’s snowfall, we hope to later this week return to a rolling lift of the extended parking ban. Meanwhile, roof crews are making steady progress removing snow from school roofs. The High School was completed today and work began on the Winter Hill School. Drifting on the roofs has topped 7 feet in some areas. It’s good we’re getting this stuff down and off our school roof tops.

2/15/15, 10:30 a.m.: DPW and our support teams from MEMA have been out in force trying to keep on top of the lastest storm with plowing and by continuing to melt snow at our snow farm. Despite multiple passes, heavy snowfall and drifting from high winds is quickly recoating plowed roads with snow. But as always, crews will keep at this until roads are passable. Please heed the Governor’s call to stay off the roads and to stay inside if possible. Visiblity has veen very poor at times creating unsafe conditions especially with so much heavy equipment on the roads. Please do not walk in the roads while active snow removal is underway. Do not assume that a plow driver can see you.

2/13/15, 4:30 p.m.: Crews are making strong headway bolstered by reinforcements that arrived from New York and New Jersey yesterday to pull 18-hour shifts. We are in an all-out push to get as much cleared before the next bout of snow forecast for Saturday to Sunday. The Fire Dept. is patrolling all streets daily to ensure safe clearance and reporting any issues for immediate action. School roofs are steadily being cleared of snow, as we continue to haul away and melt snow, and we deployed a second snow melter on Friday. Once snowfall begins, most crews will have to shift back to salting, sanding, and plowing the new snow. (Video: Snow Plowing in Somerville, MA 2/11/15)

Extraordinary conditions: Due to the large amounts of snow already on the ground, this storm will present unique challenges, and we encourage you to stay informed by checking this page and City social media feeds for additional information throughout the storm. If you have any additional questions, please call 311 (or 617-666-3311 from a cell phone or outside the City).

– See more at:

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