Road-Rage Stabbing in Somerville


By William Tauro

The incident occurred Tuesday evening during drive time when a Somerville man described as Vinny Distacio was allegedly backing his vehicle into his driveway thats located at 47 Marshall Street when a man behind him in a vehicle waiting got upset.

Allegedly the suspect pulled out a box cutter and sliced Distacio in the hand.

Somerville Police immediately arrived on scene and arrested the alleged suspect.

Distacio was transported to an area hospital and is being treated for a cut in his hand thats not life threatening.

6 thoughts on “Road-Rage Stabbing in Somerville”

  1. That is my nephew Vinnie DiStacio. People are seriously sick now a days. Hope he is ok. Karma is a bitch.

    1. This guy is a sick blasted if you type
      In his name you will find out he had
      Charges pressed on him
      for attempting of murder on a pregnant women and her unborn child but only served 18 months hope the Victim is ok I feel so bad and karma is a bitch hope he rots. In jail

  2. Wow, I always reverse into my driveway on a one street also, now I have to think about moving quicker so some road raged driver will pull a stunt like this. Insane.

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