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Two-Day National Parkour Event Comes to Somerville

An annual two-day gathering of parkour practitioners from around the country comes to Somerville the weekend of Oct. 19-20, sponsored by the City of Somerville, the Somerville Recreation Department, and Shape Up Somerville.


American Rendezvous (ARDV) is an opportunity for practitioners to participate in a series of workshops and training sessions led by renowned elite coaches flown in from several different states and from abroad. Parkour was born in the banlieues (suburbs) of Paris in the 1980s and is now one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. While often recognized in the fantastic images seen on YouTube or television, the sport is actually a form of movement that has roots in a wide variety of physical disciplines, including gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, breakdancing, and track and field. For the past three years, ARDV has taken place in Columbus, OH, but this year, due to the rapid growth of our programs in this region, Parkour Generations Americas has decided to bring it to the Somerville area.


ARDV is open to adults and high-school students (ages 14 and up) of all experience levels and athletic backgrounds, designed as a “melting-pot event” for people to meet and train with each other in a safe, fun and hard-working atmosphere, while celebrating a healthy and active lifestyle. More than 60 participants have already pre-registered for the event.


The event begins on Saturday, Oct. 19 in the SomervilleHigh School gym from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., with an hour break for lunch in the nearby area. Local eating establishments that are endorsed by Shape Up Somerville are offering discounts to participants. On Sunday, Oct. 20 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., the event will spread to a number of outdoor “parkour hotspots” throughout downtown Boston. The coaches and some attendees will return to Somerville for a dinner gathering generously hosted by Johnny D’s Restaurant and Music Club in Davis Square. Other key local sponsors for the weekend event are Cantina La Mexicana, Gentle Giant, New England College of Business and Finance, Rockland Trust, and Triumvirate.


The registration fee for the two-day event is $75 per person. We are also working closely with City of Somerville staff to make sure that local high school students interested in participating in both days of the weekend workshop are able to do so, regardless of ability to pay the registration fee.  A number of full and partial scholarships will be offered to these students.  One day rates for Saturday only are also available for $45. 


Contact:  Blake Evitt, Co-Director & Instructor, Parkour Generations Americas; cell: (617) 504-8393



Somerville Lady Highlander’s Freshman Volleyball Team Celebrate Win Wednesday Over Everett

The Somerville High School Lady Highlander’s Freshman volleyball team celebrated a win on Wednesday October 15th versus Everett High School bringing their season record to 10-3. The Highlanders won set one 25-16 and set two 25-12. Captain Emily Liberato had 10 unanswered serves in the first set and 9 in the second set. Brianna Jewers and Marissa Toner had great plays at the net. Phoebe Melchiskey and Halle Hughes had good digs int he back row. “This team plays very well together. They are tough on offense and defense. When they work together, they are a very tough team,” said Coach Krista Invernizzi.

The Highlanders combined for a sweep of Everett with JV and Varsity posting wins as well.


MassChallenge founder/CEO John Harthorne to keynote Chamber dinner



The Somerville Chamber of Commerce 67th Annual Dinner & Powderhouse Awards will feature keynote speaker John Harthorne, the Founder and CEO of MassChallenge

A startup accelerator and competition designed to catalyze a startup renaissance by connecting high-impact startups from around the world with the resources they need to launch and succeed.

President Barack Obama identified MassChallenge as one of America’s most effective startup accelerators. John received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

He received the Grand Prize in the 2007 MIT $100K Business Plan Competition and received the Patrick J. McGovern Award for impact on quality and visibility of entrepreneurship at MIT. Continue reading MassChallenge founder/CEO John Harthorne to keynote Chamber dinner

Congratulations to Somerville’s Own “Karen Jenner” for being Our Sister-News-Station’s ‘s “2000th Facebook Like”


Karen will receive a $50 gift certificate to the new “West 7 Bistro” a new and exciting restaurant who’s grand opening is this coming November in Somerville!
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It’s Somerville BULB BLITZ time again!

On a crisp day in fall for the past two years, volunteers have simultaneously appeared at public spaces, gardening tools in hand, to plant over 6,000 bulbs all over the City of Somerville in just one morning. The Bulb Blitz is a flash mob planting of sorts, during which community members bury tulip and daffodil bulbs that will come up the next Spring. In addition to being rewarded by swaths of color after a long winter, participants meet their neighbors and build stewardship for Somerville’s public spaces. The 2013 Bulb Blitz will occur on Saturday, October 19, from 10 a.m. to noon at the sites listed below. Participants can sign up at . For more information, please visit the Somerville Urban Ag Blog at or contact Bulb Blitz mastermind and Senior Landscape Designer Luisa Oliveira at

Bulb Blitz Locations:
Concord Square (between Inman and Union Squares) Central Broadway/ Magoun Square (along Trum Field) Morse Kelley Park (at the intersection of Craigie and Summer Streets) The Davis Square Median (opposite the plaza) Chuckie Harris Park (15 Cross Street East) Nunziato Field in Union Square (at intersection of Summer St. and Vinal Ave.)

Daniel DeMaina
New Media Manager
Communications Department
City of Somerville
93 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA 02143
(tel): 617-625-6600 x2620
(cell): 857-523-9549


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Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Will Not Run for Governor


By William Tauro

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone announced on Wednesday that he will not run for governor of Massachusetts.

In a recent statement the mayor wrote:

“As everyone knows, I’ve been considering a potential run for Governor. Well, I’ve come to a decision and I will not be seeking the Governor’s office in 2014. As much as I feel I have the experience and vision to lead our state forward, this simply is not the right time for my family and me to be involved in an all-consuming statewide political campaign. During this process there were times when I was 95% certain I was getting into the Governor’s race, but once school started up it became clear to me that I am currently in the right place on a personal and family level. Continue reading Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Will Not Run for Governor

The Somerville News Weekly’s” First Print Edition” will make it’s debut and will hit the streets of Somerville running tomorrow morning!

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“The Somerville News Weekly’s Newstalk Shout Out Weekly for Oct 15th 2013”



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Advertise with The Somerville News Weekly’s newly being released “Weekly News Print Edition” and as an extra bonus get placed on our and news website’s homepage for our seventy city and town publications across the commonwealth and beyond for “Free” as well as on all of our very popular Facebook pages and Twitter pages for the world to see!

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Beyond Somerville: 4 Ideas for Local Fall Fun

  1. Summer meets its official end this past weekend and while I’ll miss the carefree long days, fall is when New England really shines. After all, we’ve got some of the best cider, doughnuts, apple picking and more.
    It’s a beautiful fall morning and we’ve got four ideas on how to enjoy the season locally: What’s your favorite fall activity?

The Hundreds of Bathtub Marys of Somerville

Newton St., #574.
Photo: Newton St., 574.
By William Tauro
Somerville Mass, two time “All American City”, one of the most hippest cities in the country and one of the most politically active cities in the nation!  But who would of ever thought that Somerville is the Bath Tub Marys Capital of the world?
Did you know that there are estimated almost five to six hundred “Bath Tub Marys” within Somerville’s city limits? Well, there are!
Follow a Somerville resident and librarian as she rides out a collapsed arch by walking every street in the city, taking pictures of every single yard shrine she finds. She began in earnest late summer of 2012 and has already documented over 350 statues with many more to go.
Photos by The Bathtub Marys of Somerville






Oliveira arrest

On Monday, October 14, 2013, I, Detective-Sergeant Lavey, was working a paid detail assignment at Samba Bar and Grille located at 608 Somerville Ave. At approximately 12:50 AM, I observed two men and two women exiting the night club in a hurried manner. One male was attempting to push the other male away from one of the two females later identified as the victim, I followed the four outside where I observed one male (never identified) trying to prevent the defendant from getting at v. The defendant was very angry and being very aggressive. Finally, the defendant pushed the unidentified male out of the way, approached v, grabbed her arm and they began to argue while she cried. The defendant then slapped v on the left side of her face with his right hand and she pulled away holding her face. The slap was violent and loud and v head spun to her right.

I stepped in and placed the defendant in an arm-bar hold and placed him against a parked car where I was able to handcuff him. v requested I not arrest the defendant so she could just take him home v said the entire incident was her fault because she observed the defendant kissing another woman and she became jealous which caused an argument.

v said the defendant and she have been boyfriend/girlfriend for seven years. When the defendant was taken away in the mobile prisoner transport vehicle, I advised v of her 209a rights. v declined an abuse prevention order and medical attention even though she complained of pain on the left side of her face. I examined her face and observed some swelling under her left eye and the side of her cheek.

The defendant was identified as Arildo Oliveira of Revere during the booking process. v appeared at the SPD to bail out Oliveira
Flaherty arrest

The following is a brief summary of incident #13038595: Continue reading SOMERVILLE NEWS WEEKLY’S SOMERVILLE POLICE ARRESTS/CRIMES OF THE WEEK

St.Clement Anchors Football Sports Update

By Colin Walsh
 The St. Clement Anchors matched up against the Defending Super Bowl Champion Cathedral Panthers this past Saturday and both teams put on a great defensive clinic.
Cathedral had lost only one game since 2010, which was a controversial loss in the 2011 Super Bowl. St. Clement relished the roll of underdog and used it as motivation. “We knew we had the horses to be in the race with Cathedral we just had to execute the game plan” said Assistant Head Coach George Murray. Continue reading St.Clement Anchors Football Sports Update

Join Somerville Department of Veteran’s Services On Veterans Day

    EVENT. On Veterans Day – Monday, 11 November, between 1400 and 1700 – the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program will present Challenges and Hope:
    What’s Facing Returning Veterans and Military Families, a forum of military, business, government, health care, policy, and philanthropy leaders to address the challenges facing our returning veterans and their families as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end. The event will take place at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston. To register, contact Emma Morrison at 617-643-3829 or

Supporting Food Day in Massachusetts October 24th

What does a local food system look like?


Somerville is the densest city in New England, topping the population scale at 77,104 in 4.2 sq. miles of space. Somerville’s lack of open space and its rich industrial history (contaminated soil is a challenge that residents face when attempting to garden) allows for an endless amount of creativity that people are using to participate in the ‘grow your own’ movement. From porches to rooftops, raised beds to reclaimed lots, businesses, individuals, and youth are building crop knowledge and farming experience as a community. Although Somerville has a long way to go to create the kind of autonomy from the global food system that many cities around the world are striving for, there are features that should be celebrated for its innovation and forward thinking for a healthier, collaborative, and resilient community. Continue reading Supporting Food Day in Massachusetts October 24th

Somerville News Weekly Dog Tips: Don’t Look Now! The Benefits of Window Film for the Household with Reactive Dogs

Light can come in but they can't see out!

Posted on October 10, 2013 by 

Light can come in but they can’t see out!

Do you have a reactive dog, or one who simply barks too much at things he sees out the window? And do you also care about how your house looks and value natural light ?

There is something you can do about it. Here’s my story, complete with a video of before and after behavior from the dogs. Continue reading Somerville News Weekly Dog Tips: Don’t Look Now! The Benefits of Window Film for the Household with Reactive Dogs

Somerville Local First’s 5th Annual Harvest Fest 2013!



Presented by Eastern Bank
The Center for the Arts at the Armory
Somerville, MA
Join Somerville Local First (SLF) and local economy advocates far and wide on Saturday October 19, 2013 for a day or evening of delicious food from some of Somerville’s best local restaurants, local beer from some of your favorite independent brewers around New England, great live music, games and much more. Buy your tickets for one of two sessions today! 

Harvest Fest, Saturday, October 19, 2013
Session 1: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
Session 2: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Continue reading Somerville Local First’s 5th Annual Harvest Fest 2013!

Somerville News Weekly Most interesting Facebook Post of the Day”

Sent in by one of our readers:

While shopping at Market Basket the manager Announces over the intercom that “EBT cards are not accepted do to the government shutdown… No cash debit or credit card only”….. Food filled shopping carriages left behind throughout the store!

Send us your:
Most Interesting “Facebook Post” to to be posted here live on and for the world to see!


Moss Family Square Dedication in Somerville



By William Tauro

Congratulations to the Moss family on the dedication of the “SFP2 Delton (Pete) Moss US Navy Korea
Clara (Noni) Moss” Square!

The square was dedicated on Saturday, October 12th to the husband-wife for Delton’s service contribution in the armed services in the Korean Conflict and his wife Clara, a local hometown hero for saving a young child’s life in the City of Somerville when she was a crossing guard.

The sign hangs proudly outside the family residence at the Intersection of Richardson Street and Richardson Terrace in Somerville.

The dedication was provided by the city of Somerville to the Moss Family.

Congratulations to the entire Moss family for this honor!


Food, Glorious Food In The VILLE

People all around the county will mark Food Day on Thursday October 24, 2013 – a celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainable food around the country.

While one day might be enough for everyone else, we decided we needed a whole Food Week. Join in the fun by hosting a public event, offering an education session, creating a specialty meal, or finding a creative way to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food.
If you’re planning an event that’s open to the public, email the details to by October 14 and we will add it to the City’s Food Week calendar and promote it via Facebook and Twitter.
For more information on how you can get involved with Food Week, contact Rachel Plitch at 617-625-6600 ext. 4321 or Stay tuned for a full Food Week schedule.


The “HONKS” Festival in Somerville

Friday kicked off a long music weekend in Somerville. The HONK! Festival started last night with musical performances in Union Square, and continues into Sunday. For a full schedule of events (including in Cambridge and Boston), visit Sunday afternoon RadioBDC is throwing a free concert in Union Square. “Live on the Square” starts at 12:30 with a line-up of local bands, including The Sheila Divine, American Authors, Sea Monsters, Speedy Ortiz, and Rhett Price.


Governor’s Councilor Michael J Callahan Remembered


By William Tauro

Dedication ceremony in Memory of the Michael J Callahan, Governor’s Councilor at Wrights Park at the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Medford.

Dedicated by Medford Mayor Mike McGlynn on October 12th, 2013 many attended to pay their respect to a friend and good man.

Michel Callahan passed away on June 6th 2007 at the very same time and day that his predecessor Terrence Kennedy got sworn into Michael’s former seat as Governors’s Councilor.

Michael had many friends and he was very will liked and respected everywhere especially in Medford and Somerville.

Michael was also a former aid to the late former Senator Dennis McKenna of Somerville.

The Great Pumpkin Glow Oct 24th 4pm

GreatPumpkinGlow card final_Page_1


The Great Pumpkin Patch will be waiting for you on October 24th 
from 4 to 7pm.
Bring your creative juices and get carving! 
North Plaza
300 Athenaeum St., Kendall Sq. 
Cambridge, MA
Tickets & Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available!
3rd Annual Pumpkin Glow
The 3rd Annual Pumpkin Glow in Kendall Square is just around the corner! There is still time to purchase your individual tickets, sign up a team or become a corporate sponsor of this evening to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County.
Please sign up today and join us on October 24th (rain date October 30th)! Come on your own, with friends or coworkers, or even put together a pumpkin carving team! Get in touch with the inner kid and get ready to “Carve for a Cause”.
There will be food from local restaurants, a live band, activities for kids, and lots of fun! Carving tools and pumpkin decorations will be supplied and volunteers will be available for carving assistance. 
If you would like to sign up your own team of 
4 ($100) or 8 ($200)
please call our office at (617) 764-5958 or 
email We do not have this option available through the PayPal system, but can take payment over the phone.
To learn more about the event, purchase individual tickets, corporate sponsorships or to make a donation at:
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County operates Clubs in Cambridge, Somerville, Medford and Everett. Our Club in Cambridge has been serving the youth of Area IV and beyond since 2002. The Pumpkin Glow will support our efforts to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as caring, responsible and productive citizens. Learn more at: 

Somerville Health Fair Fast Appoaching

Friends taking care of friends at last year’s fair! Anna Raphael checking Flo Donoghue’s blood pressure. Didem Aytok and Abigail LaBonte helped out.


The Somerville Council on Aging’s Annual Health & Wellness Fair will be held on Thursday, October 24th at the Holland Street Center, 167 Holland Street. Exhibitors will be from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and include flu shots, blood pressure readings, chair massage, health insurance information, Healthy snacks and recipes, hearing and glucose screenings and so much more.  Guest speaker at 11:30 a.m. is Roberta Robinson who will be speaking on our theme: Live Better Each Day: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies. Lunch is at 12 noon. Register by October 21st and be entered in a special raffle. RSVP 617-625-6600, ext. 2300.




Community Building Between the Generations


The latest positive outcome of the collaborative efforts of the Somerville Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment is the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s choice to include them as a partner for the 2013-14 Symphony for Our City program. Each year, the BSO partners will up to 10 community-based organizations in the greater Boston area through an open application process. Being chosen as partners means that the Council on Aging and Teen Empowerment will be granted tickets to Symphony performances at Boston’s Symphony Hall and at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. Older adults and teens who may not otherwise listen to or appreciate symphony music will enjoy and learn about the music together. The first performance is scheduled for Friday, November 1st. Continue reading Community Building Between the Generations

Water Main Break in Somerville Forces Street and Senior Center To Be Closed

By William Tauro

A Water Main break on New Washington Street in Somerville caused the street as well as a City of Somerville senior center, The Ralph and Jenny Center, to be closed on Friday.

Hundreds of people also lost water next door at the Cobblehill Apartment building complex until Somerville DPW crews connected water supplies from local nearby fire hydrants.

A broken pipe leaking sending thousands of gallons of water flowing beneath New Washington Street caused this big Columbus Day Weekend Mess.

DPW crews are working franticly to find the leak to restore water service abd to reopen the road and local buildings as soon as possible.



Early Somerville Snow in October?

By William Tauro

Three feet of snow in Union Square?

Well actually it’s only a refrigerated truck’s frozen cargo that the driver had to shovel out of his trailer to let his cargo defrost.

Tge driver discovered the snow mounds that formed inside the trailer while making a delivery in Union Square.

The icing was caused when a thermostat malfunction within the trailers refrigeration unit thermostat got stuck and kept the compressor running constantly that caused the freeze over.

On a good note, after thawing out the cargo, the driver was able to make his delivery and even got to throw around a snowball or two while waiting!




Somerville residents eligible for vaccine; Vaccines offered Thursdays,
5-7 p.m. at the City Hall Annex beginning in October.
SOMERVILLE – The City of Somerville’s Health Department announced this week the beginning of the 2013-2014 Flu Clinics. Beginning on Thursday, October 3rd, all Somerville residents ages three and older may visit the City Hall Annex at 50 Evergreen Ave. for a free flu vaccine between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m. The clinics will be held weekly through December, or until the City’s supply of vaccine is exhausted. Additional clinics will be held in the following locations:
• 11 October: TAB Building, 167 Holland Street. 9:30 – 11 a.m. (ADA Accessible)
• 17 October: Ralph & Jenny Center, New Washington Street. 10 – 11 a.m. (ADA Accessible)
• 24 October: TAB Building, 167 Holland Street. 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (ADA Accessible)
• 26 October: 268R Powderhouse Blvd. 12 – 2 p.m.
Clinics are open for residents and non-residents ages three years and older. Mist vaccinations are available for those ages 49 years and younger in addition to injected vaccines. While there is no charge for vaccinations, attendees are asked to bring an insurance card if available. Residents requiring additional assistance or other accommodations should contact the Health Department at 617-625-6600 ext. 4300.
The City will add or adjust clinic schedules as necessary, and more information can always be found at or by calling 311.



halloween in somerville“Monster Mashed-Up @ SomerStreets” includes costume parade, chainsaw pumpkin carving, Oktoberfest and more.

SOMERVILLE – The City of Somerville will host the final event in the 2013 SomerStreets series with a celebration along Somerville Avenue on Sunday, October 20, from noon to 4 p.m.  “Monster Mashed-Up @ SomerStreets” will feature a costume parade for residents of all ages, 100-pound pumpkins carved by chainsaw artists, Oktoberfest, MilkRowCemetery tour, live entertainment, craft fair and more along Somerville Ave. from Union Square to Wilson Square. Continue reading FINAL “SOMERSTREETS” OF 2013 PLANNED FOR SOMERVILLE AVE. 10/20

Letter To The Editor


While I’ve lived in Somerville for a while, I have never really found part of it that I felt at home in. I have lived in several different wards since I moved to Somerville in 2002, and I have had the privilege of witnessing a lot of its growth and evolution. I’ll admit my husband and I have fallen a bit in love with Ward 5 since moving here, its unique mix of single and multi-family homes, contrast of ages and ethnicities, and amazing potential going into the future. We love to walk through the Ward, see the progress on the community path, and watch the seasons pass. We also love to talk with people, and discuss what is going on in Somerville and hear their thoughts. This happens just about anywhere. Outside my business if I’m cleaning or working, while walking to and from Davis Square, if people are willing to strike up a chat, and in our many local restaurants and bars, if people are so inclined. Continue reading Letter To The Editor

“Winning” DPW Fighting The Graffiti War in Somerville



By William Tauro

Eddy Halloran of the City of Somerville DPW’s Anti Graffiti Unit is keeping the city free and clear of all that annoying graffiti.

While we were there watching from our window seat booths at Kelly’s Diner on Broadway in Ball Sqaure, Eddy was fast at work.

He was out front cleaning all the unwanted graffiti off of all the mail and news boxes as well as off of the light poles!

For more bigger and tougher jobs like exterior walls and buildings, Eddie has an amazing machine mounted on the back of back of his Somerville Department of Public Works truck.

He has a state of the art power washing machine that power blasts out a mixture of environmental friendly cleaning solutions mixed with baking soda to clean off deep down graffiti of walls as well!





By William Tauro

Recently I was asked to write an article regarding the 30th anniversary of the bombing of Beirut.

I was asked this by a very good friend of mine, Somerville Police Officer Robert Hickey who not only as a US Marine who served in Beirut, but also of a person, a very good person who’s heart is with the Marine Corps, the brave men, women and children who lost their lives in that brutal assault!

Yes of course I could’ve written the article, but after reading Robert Hickey’s letter that he sent to me, which by the way actually made a tear or two in my eye, I thought “wow, he described it all in a nutshell and what better way to get the word out, but by his very own words that came from his heart!”

So please ladies and gentlemen, remember our fallen heroes who lost their lives on that day. The brave, innocent men, women and even children who will never be forgotten!

Robert Hickey wrote:

“Billy, this October 23rd is the 30th Anniversary of the Beirut Bombing. It was the first terrorist attack targeting Americans and Somerville lost Richard Gordon there. Although I served in Beirut I did not know Richard on a personal level. Richard is the last resident buried in the Veterans Cemetary across from Clarendon Hill Towers.

As a fellow Beirut Veteran our first duty is to remember so I am asking if you would write something that commemorates the sacrifice paid by these Marines.

It was the heaviest single loss of life since Iwo Jima, we lost 241 Brave Souls to a frustrating peacekeeping Mission.

It is a difficult time of year for those who served in Beirut as well as family of those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

This Oct 20th General Al Gray will be the guest speaker at the Massachusetts Beirut Memorial, we lost 9 from the State. Please, if you can do a nice piece and remember Richard Gordon, I would greatly appreciate it.


MMA Honored at 2013 MRF “Meeting of the Minds”



The Motorcycle Riders Foundation held its annual conference, the “Meeting of the Minds” during the week ending September 28. Attended by a contingent of Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) members, this conference was the original meeting which launched the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) some 29 years ago. At that initial meeting were several key members of the then Modified Motorcycle Association of Massachusetts (founded in 1975), who became early founders and board members of the MRF. The MMA’s continuing dedication to and vigilance for the Motorcycle Rights Movement was recognized by the MRF at this year’s conference. Continue reading MMA Honored at 2013 MRF “Meeting of the Minds”

Somerville Board Of Aldermen To Recognize Deanna Cremin, Hold Moment Of Silence



Somerville’s Board of Alderman is set to hold a moment of silence in recognition of Deanna Cremin’s life as well as her untimely death.

In March of 1995 Somerville resident Deanna Cremin was murdered while walking home from her boyfriend’s house. She was seventeen years old. Her body was found behind an elderly complex on Jacques St. just two blocks from her home.

This kind gesture made by the board is also a showing of support for Deanna’s Mother Katherine’s eighteen year long pursuit of justice for her daughter’s murder. Continue reading Somerville Board Of Aldermen To Recognize Deanna Cremin, Hold Moment Of Silence

Newstalk Shoutout Weekly for Oct 8th, 2013


“The Results Are In”and Somerville, We Thank You! “We Did It”!!!!!!!!!’sFacebook page, “Somerville News Weekly” has just reached our 1,000th Likes this past Monday night and the Likes are still climbing at a rapid rate as we speak! Last week our sister news publication station, reached it’s 1,000th Like as well and now both publications are well on their way to reach their 2,000th hit very soon! They will be even more popular when we come out with our new print edition within the next week or so! Look out for it because it will be loud, we promise you!
Middlesex County Assistant Register of Probate, Phil Colameta ass reg went for some recent surgery last week. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
Speaking of the Registry of Probate, Register Tara DeCristofaro and her hubby Eric are expecting another baby! This will be their second child and when we asked Tara, if she knows if it is going to be a boy or a girl, she replied “We believe in Santa Clause so we will just have to wait to find out!”
Happy Birthday greetings are going out to a few Villens out there in the Ville this week! Continue reading Newstalk Shoutout Weekly for Oct 8th, 2013

Somerville Boxing Club Gets Thumbs Up Reviews

By William Tauro

Congratulations to the Norman “Stony” Stone, Mayor Joe Curtatone, the city of Somerville and everyone involved with the Somerville Boxing Club who co-hosted and made it possible for the good people of Somerville and the world to see the finest fighters at work earlier this month at Club Royale in Boston.

The event gave you three action packed bouts and a chance for Somerville Boxing Fans to come out and support their local fighters!

The club is a fantastic opportunity to get kids involved and keep them off the streets!

Follow and support the Somerville Boxing Club and it’s events, “Because you’ll love it!


Somerville Recreation Department News Update

Congratulations to the Somerville Tsunami! The Somerville Tsunami 10U softball team finished their season 13-1 to earn the title of co-champions in the 10U B division of the Middle Essex Softball League. In their first year of play, the Somerville Tsunami began practices at the end of June and played 14 games through the first week in August scoring 167 runs on their way to the division championship.The Tsunami finished with a nine game winning streak defeating teams from Charlestown, Watertown, Burlington, Melrose, and Winchester. By finishing in one of the top four spots in their division, the Tsunami coaches also had the opportunity to coach one of four Middle Essex all-star teams on August 4. Three players were chosen by the coaches to represent the Tsunami for the all-star festivities: Nevalee Hawkins, Pitcher; Ava Regan, 3rd Base; and Chloe Wilson, Catcher.

Middlesex Sheriff’s Office dedicates POW/MIA Chair



The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and Rolling Thunder Massachusetts Chapter 1 have dedicated a POW/MIA Chair in Billerica to bring awareness to the over 91,000 U.S. Service Members unaccounted for since World War One.
The chair – which will remain unoccupied – was unveiled in a ceremony held in Billerica’s Vietnam Veterans Park, Monday, October 7. The park is directly across the street from the Middlesex House of Correction, where the chair will be placed in the lobby for visitors and staff to see.


“While we hope and pray the families of all missing service members are someday reunited with their loved ones, this chair will serve as a poignant and constant reminder that families across the county and the country continue to wait for their loved ones to return home,” said Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian.

Rolling Thunder hopes to have chairs placed in every community across the Commonwealth. The chair dedicated Monday by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is the first to be dedicated by a law enforcement agency in Massachusetts, according to Rolling Thunder President Joe D’Entremont. Chairs have previously been dedicated in communities such as Melrose and Stoneham, as well as in sports facilities including Fenway Park, the TD Garden and Gillette Stadium.
Monday’s dedication was attended by members of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Veterans Service Office, Rolling Thunder, and the Town of Billerica.UnveilingSheriff&RollingThunder2

First You See It, But Now You Don’t?

By William Tauro

The title of the article obviously referring to the views of the newly constructed apartment complex at Assembly Row in Somerville that are now obstructed by a building being constructed directly in front of its windows blocking its views.

Over the past month or so the newly constructed gigantic office building sprang from the ground up which seems like overnight to neighbors down at the Assembly Row construction site.

Not even thirty days ago this office building was nowhere to be found and the buildings behind it had clear views of the calm waters of the Mystic River, otherwise known to some as “Somerville’s Waterfront!”



Day of the Dead Altars Step By Step Process of Making Day of the Dead Altars At Somerville Arts Council



Once you have your altar complete, you can personalize it and pay tribute to the loved one of your choice
Photo When you are finished, Place a photo of the person to whom the altar is dedicated on the top level of the altar, in the center. If the altar is dedicated to more than one person, you can have several photos, or if your altar is not dedicated to anyone in particular, the photo can be omitted and it will be understood that your altar is in honor of all your ancestors.
Flowers You can place flowers in vases or pull the petals out and scatter them over all the surfaces of the alter at The Somerville Arts Council.






Graffiti Overcome By Beauty In Somerville


By William Tauro

The turn around that is located beneath the Route 93 overpass that sits in between on both sides of the road between Broadway and Mystic Avenue near the Mt Vernon Restaurant in Somerville tgat jeads down to the Assembly Square Mall got a much needed facelift.

When recently revamped only a few years ago, some graffiti artist overtook controll of the wall’s exterior and used it as a giant blackboard.

Recently this week a gigantic mural overlay was affixed to the concrete graffitied over walls of the underpass and created a breath of fresh air with a wonderful masterpiece for commuters to look at as they are passing by coming to and from Rt93 while passing by Assembly Square!



20131007-172202.jpg Favorite Photo of The Day “These Are Real Somerville American Hero’s”


By William Tauro

“This photo was used on our sister news publication on a story we wrote and we are very proud to have it entered into our “Favorite Photo of the Day”series!

The story was about a local Somerville Bikers club, a hard working group of guys, Americans, good people like you and me, who formed a human wall around the Medford funeral home last spring while Boston Marathon Bombing victim Krystal Campbell’s funeral services was taking place! The bold move by the bikers was to discourage and keep members the United Baptist Church away from a scheduled protest to take place at her funeral!” And guess what? It worked, they never showed up!

“These guys deserve a metal and recognition for a job well done! And for a good deed that we will never forget as Somervillians!”

Sent in by our readers!

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KenkDo, Somerville’s New Holistic Health Care Clinic Opens It’s Doors In The Ville


By William Tauro

Former Somerville Mayor/ Registrar of Deeds turned successful author of his new book “The Spirit of Somerville” Gene Brune was bestowed the honor on Sunday for the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony of a new business opening in Somerville.

KenkDo, Somerville’s new Holistic Health Care Clinic Continue reading KenkDo, Somerville’s New Holistic Health Care Clinic Opens It’s Doors In The Ville

Somerville Walks Boston Making Strides Annual Walk Against Breast Cancer


Photo: Laila Ramirez Tlatelpa of Team Somerville weathered the storm and walked the walk for Boston Making Strides.


By William Tauro


Thousands joined the Boston Making Strides Annual Walk Against Breast Cancer walk in Boston on this rainy Sunday and helped put an end to breast cancer!

At the Boston Making Strides event, participants were able to honor breast cancer survivors, remember those we have lost, raise breast cancer awareness, and support breast cancer fundraising.

Their efforts didn’t only go towards helping save the lives of others but will also have a positive impact on their own lives.

Whether they were a breast cancer survivor or one of their friends or loved ones who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, their life has likely been affected by this common disease. Continue reading Somerville Walks Boston Making Strides Annual Walk Against Breast Cancer

State Rep Carl Sciortino Jr. and Pem Brown Get Married

carls wedding photo


Somerville Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewitz was also in the bridal party.



Carl Sciortino Jr. and Pem Brown – As published in the New York

October 6, 2013

Carl Michael Sciortino Jr. and Francis Pemberton Brown were married Saturday evening at the Old South Meeting House, a museum in Boston. Marc Solomon, a friend of the couple who received a one-day solemnization certificate from Massachusetts, officiated.

Read More:


Number of UFO Sightings Counted 122,282 and Growing, Some Over Somerville MA

By William Tauro

With Halloween only a few weeks away and fast approaching, the Ville is already getting into the Halloween spirit with stories from the unknown.

Not only was Somerville home to “Halloween’s Home Town Boy” “Bobby Picket,’song writer of the famous Halloween theme song “The Monster Mash,” but maybe some other visitors as well possibly dropped in from beyond and maybe never left?

Here are just a few UFO sightings below that were claimed to be seen over the Somerville MA in past years and one even produced a video of a UFO!


Somerville, MA Crazy UFO spotted in Somerville MA. This Youtube video was uploaded from an Android phone. on Mar 2, 2011 (Warning may contain some un-UFO foul language)

Here are the nearest sightings (5 miles radius): Somerville, MA!

Somerville , MA Sighted on Sunday 01. January 2012 Continue reading Number of UFO Sightings Counted 122,282 and Growing, Some Over Somerville MA

Somerville High Students Explore Adventures in Biotech

  1. Photo
    By William Tauro

    21 Somerville High School students participated in the “Adventures in Biotechnology” program at Biogen Idec’s Community Lab past this summer.
    Discovering breakthrough biotechnology and exploring cutting-edge science and medicine is our mission at Biogen Idec. As part of our commitment to science education, we open our doors to local students so they can make a breakthrough of their own: Science is exciting! Continue reading Somerville High Students Explore Adventures in Biotech

CelebrAsians Cancer Walk On The Runway at the Dance Union In Somerville!

By William Tauro

Friday night’s CelebrAsians Benefit Fashion Show at Somerville’s “Dance Union” located on Bow Street in Somerville was a huge success!

This event was hosted by AWFH to
engage, empower and enable Asian women who are impacted by cancers.

Fifteen Asian cancer survivors were sharing their inspiring stories and modeling
the creations of leading Asian designers.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino as well as Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone both had representatives available from their offices both to present citation awards to the event organizes for a job well done!

Somerville’s own Senator Patrica Jehlen also attended the event and received a round of applause from the audience who were there for Asian Women’s Health and supporters of AWFH!

The event was also co-sponsored in part by The Somerville News Weekly and BOSTON NEWS






Continue reading CelebrAsians Cancer Walk On The Runway at the Dance Union In Somerville!

Middlesex Sheriff’s Officer Robert Wright Awarded Medal of Valor Recognized at the Massachusetts Correctional Employee of the Year Award Ceremony


Middlesex Sheriff’s Officer Robert Wright was recognized October 4 by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the corrections community for his heroic efforts while off-duty following a double shooting in June 2012.

Officer Wright, of Medford, was presented with the Medal of Valor at the Massachusetts Correctional Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony at the State House. He was one of several corrections professionals honored from across the state.

A trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Officer Wright was at a park in Cambridge on June 3, 2012 when he heard gunfire erupt nearby. Running towards the sound of the gunshots, Officer Wright found a fatally wounded teenager and immediately began performing CPR. He continued his efforts until Cambridge rescue personnel arrived on scene and relieved him. A second wounded teen was attended to by additional rescue personnel.

“Unarmed and off-duty, Officer Wright responded to a highly dangerous and unfolding incident not knowing who – or what – he would find,” said Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian. “His actions that evening were extraordinary and exemplify the very best of those in the corrections field.”

Earlier this year, Officer Wright was also recognized by both the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and the Cambridge Police Department for his actions during this incident. Officer Wright was presented with the Humanitarian Award at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office 2013 Employee Recognition Ceremony in May and was presented with the Allen McPherson Citizens Services Award by the City of Cambridge Police in June.

SOMERVILLE POLICE BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of September 2013 to Deputy Chief Paul Upton


The Beyond the Call of Duty Award was formed to recognize an individual that exc…eeded expectations usually for a specific act. In an exceptionally rare circumstance do you identify an individual, such as Deputy Chief Paul Upton, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis for the past 30 years. Deputy Paul Upton started his career in 1983 with the Somerville Police Department and has held almost every position within the Department. Deputy Upton has received numerous awards and accolades during his years of service and has served as a mentor to law enforcement officers throughout the state. Deputy Upton is perhaps best recognized for his commitment to Homeland Security and recognized as a leader in this area. Deputy Upton has been the primary source behind the establishment of the Emergency Operations Center and his leadership has been tested and proven during a number of potential catastrophic events. The Department wishes Deputy Upton the best in his retirement and the community thanks him for his 30 years of service which were well beyond the call of duty.
Thomas Pasquarello, Chief of Police

Mapping Public Art in the ‘Ville


On Oct. 5th, a public art tour celebrates our new public art map! 



Thanks to Emily Bhargava and Alison Frazzini, we have a spanking new interactive public art map, sponsored by the city, the Arts Council and Shape Up Somerville. Check it out and find out where the goggled man is below. And if there is public art you know about but isn’t on the map, just snap a photo of it and add it to the map. We want this map to grow!

“We are proud to have one of the most diverse, funky arts scenes in the nation,” says Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “And through this interactive map community members will be able to learn so much more about what Somerville has to offer. It’s also a great way to encourage people to get out and walk and bike, while exploring the city’s art.”

Emily Bhargava chimes in, “It’s been amazing to discover art in alleyways and around corners. While working on the map I found art close to my house, – places I hadn’t thought to look. Overall, this map is like Open Studios, but year round!”

On Sat, Oct. 5th there will be a public art tour that begins at 10am in East Somerville. All the details here

Standing Room Only Crowd At Register of Deeds Curtatone’s Event

By William Tauro

On Thursday evening, Middlesex County Register of Deeds, Maria Curtatone hosted a fundraising event at the Independent Restaurant in Union Square Somerville.

Friends, relatives supporters, elected officials as well as candidates for office from five different surrounding cities and towns came to Somerville to show their support for the South Middlesex County Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone.

Maria Curtatone was elected to office last September and has successfully completed her first year in office as register.

Curtatone’s office is located at the Middlesex County Registry of Deeds/ Probate Courthouse in East Cambridge and her office consists of a six-year term.



October’s Somerville Chamber of Commerce Event A Big Success


By William Tauro

Thursday evening’s Somerville Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event at Orleans Restaurant in Davis Square was another big Chamber success!

Chamber members, guests of members and new newcomers enjoyed the evening in Davis Square as they had a wonderful networking opportunity to meet other local business representative from within the Somerville business community.

The Somerville Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” event happens every first Thursday of the month in a different local business location within the City of Somerville.

This month’s event was sponsored by Great Hill Dental of Holland Street in Somerville!

Social Events and Fundraisers Happening In The Ville Thursday and Friday


“If you don’t see your event posted here it’s possibly your own fault!”
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Middlesex Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone is having a fundraiser on Thursday Oct 3rd, from 5-8pm at The Independent Reataurant in Somerville! Maria always throws a good not-to-be-missed-event that everyone actully enjoys themselves!
Please Join The Somerville Chamber of Commerce for the Next Business After Hours Orleans Restaurant 65 Holland Street, Davis Square in Somerville Sponsored by Great Hill Dental from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M., Thursday, October 3rd! Free appetizers, excellent networking. Bring your business cards for drawing. Members and their guests welcome. Treat your colleagues and clients! RSVP with name(s) and affiliation(s) for you and your guest(s) to RSVP: Stephen V. Mackey, President/CEO Somerville Chamber of Commerce 2 Alpine Street, P.O. Box 440343 Somerville, MA 02144 617-776-4100 visit them on
Join The Somerville News Weekly/ BOSTON NEWS at the CelebrAsians Cancer Walk On The Runway In Somerville. Come meet our good friend, Janet Wu, Reporter/Anchor at WHDH-TV/7NBC as she Emcees the CelebrAsians Even and is take part in a benefit fashion show hosted by AWFH to engage, empower and enable Asian women who are impacted by cancers. Fifteen Asian cancer survivors will share their inspiring stories and model the creations of leading Asian designers. Be a champion for Asian women’s health and a supporter of AWFH! Friday, October 4th from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Reception and 8:00-10:00: Fashion Show (raffle prizes available) at the: DANCE UNION 16 BOW STREET SOMERVILLE MA 02143 8:00-10:00: Fashion Show FOR TICKETS: Street parking is available throughout the Union Square area. Free parking will be available after 7pm in the lot behind Reliable Market (45 Union Square, Somerville) and Citizens Bank, as well as in the Goodyear’s parking lot (1 Bow Street, Somerville). Please make check payable to “Asian Women for “Tickets available at the door”

Come see Jim Plunkett at his very best so please save the date for the David Martini and Nick Peters Schoolrship Fund Raiser on Friday October 4th from 6-4 at the Dante Club on Craige Street in Somerville.