Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Somerville’s 2023 election off to a bad start even before it begins

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Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Like everyone I have talked to we had no idea what that card that was mailed to us was about. It looked like a form to get a mail in ballot form a fast look. I happened to see a post by Christine Doherty and from that it was obvious it was something we are supposed to do in order to vote.

I asked around from people I know and they were of the same conclusion except for one. Some had thrown them away as they didn’t want a mail in ballot not know that was not the case. So already if enough people did this and go to vote it is going to be a problem with the workers having to take care of this during the election. But can the returned ones total be compared to the number of voters they were sent to so we can figure out how many actually signed these? Is this fair to implement a new way of doing things without the knowledge of the voters? Or if we don’t fill this out are we going to lose our right to vote? Would it not have been better to gear up a campaign to inform people? This is too sudden a drastic to just implement without people knowing. And also I want to point out I have yet to talk to anyone who even knew this going to happen. Something is terrible wrong here. Or maybe this was meant to be some kind of election fraud? Something Is not right and certainly looks very wrong. Anyone running for election this year should be checking this out.

Arthur Moore

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  1. Voting in America used to be mostly a Proud, Joyful Experience. Families talked about Voting Day (yes…ONE in-person Voting Day only!)
    In Somerville, MA, the last several elections for Mayor have morphed into a confusing, traumatic chore due to the incessant non-stop treacherous tricks this her/she “mayor” pulls out of her – – – – (hat…lol.) She smiles at us, uses a reassuring, confident voice all the while siphoning off our freedoms…get us NOT to vote, or our vote NOT to count…make sure we have NOWHERE to PARK if we DARE to VOTE in PERSON! The most knowledgeable, intelligent citizens vigorously spoke up against the “mayor,” city council, and the city planning board’s and most of all, the developers trickster tactics. Please VOTE IN-PERSON this upcoming election. VOTE Billy Tauro for Mayor. He is capable of simultaneously doing damage control and moving this city forward in the best interests of ALL SOMERVILLE CITIZENS!

    1. p.s. I was referring to last night’s, Thurs. 5/25/2023 City Council Regular Meeting in regard to knowlegeable citizens. Unfortunately, all these associations in Union Sq. have been BLATANTLY and REPEATEDLY LIED TO right to their faces…year after year after year…these good,
      caring, kindhearted citizens have stayed the course in fighting “the good fight” but they have had enough!…WE’VE ALL HAD ENOUGH! #BillyTauroforMayorto StoptheMadness!

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