Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Somerville Administration Perpetrating a Psychological Warfare Assault on its Citizens

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Remember the pleasurable days when you could drive thru Powderhouse Sq. and even enjoy the scenic ambience of the rotary?

…Glance at and appreciate the structure of Doherty’s Funeral Home? It’s really quite beautiful and comforting with its stately awnings. But can we now really notice anything other than the queasy, tedious, exhausting chore of driving within the claustrophobic confines of the confusing maze of hundreds of dangerous, intrusive sticks…truly an assault on our vision and perhaps even causing dizziness?
When automobiles were first manufacturedpeople were so excited not just for the thrill and freedom of mobility, but because of the unique motion and pleasure of driving!
I love to drive, and used to enjoy even driving along Broadway to Davis Sq…before many unecessary bike lines and treacherous speed bumps!
If the City didn’t like the way we drive, it should have provided us with positive incentives to improve our driving skills…i.e. city sponsored drivers ed.refresher classes with incentives such as discount restaurant coupons, fascinating seminars and documentaries it’s teaching the history of how the car industry evolved, the courtesy of safe driving skills. Simultaneously, the city could have printed Rules-of-the Road reminder handouts, flyers and handouts at schools, libraries, gas stations, car dealerships, car rental agencies, senior centers, billboards…a comprehensive advertising blitz of positive driving reinforcement tips…NOT punish us and try to make us have accidents, be miserable and feel constantly feel uncertain while behind the wheel.


Karen Glover


2 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Somerville Administration Perpetrating a Psychological Warfare Assault on its Citizens”

  1. Statistically speaking – almost 4-5 times more accidents since ‘the improvements’. Cars sit on the road longer, REALLY helping the environment. It’s like all the idea-people WANT people hurt or dead in accidents. That is what they designed, INTENTIONALLY.. You realize the genius is not in how many IQ points one has but in HOW THEY ARE USED. Good management doesn’t just spend money, they spend it well. That’s why CODE EXISTS and they have blatantly ignored it. Plastic poles, quarterly coats of paint, lingering construction and shoddy patches on almost ALL STREETS. Its obvious the people making these decisions hate this city or they’d realize their BAD MISPLACED art makes accidents….FOR REAL PEOPLE.

  2. Karen, the morons in charge call it ‘disruptive engineering’. That means an accident at most ‘disruptions’…and at least one person’s world is messed up or ended. But the geniuses in charge have spent an EXHORBANT amount of wasted dollars quarterly to maintain eco-friendly fish food in all the China-made toxic paints that make the bike lanes, bus lanes, PVC poles, etc. China’s making bank selling all that DUNG….LAUGHING at US the (pot) hole way…

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