Displaced Somerville War Memorial Monuments Found Crated Up at MBTA Storage Yard

By William Tauro

Condolences to Somerville residents for the three year mystery of the missing Somerville War Memorial Monuments solved! They were dismantled and in some instances unthoughtfully dismantled with a sawsall then transported to an old dusty MBTA storage lot on Inner Belt Road in Somerville in October of 2020.

These monuments, a symbol of our freedom and historic memorials of lives lost for our freedom were carelessly dismantled and stored and never return to their proper resting place where the residents, as well as the veterans who served our country can view and appreciate them when they want as they are entitled too. It’s such a shame that they were placed where they were placed where they are deteriorating everyday, and as we were informed that MBTA equipment was placed on top off and around them that may have caused more damage to them already damage done because of the displacement.

These are our monuments and we should be proud of them, we should respect them and our administration at City Hall should be responsible for them and they all should be ashamed of themselves of how they were handled. These historic monuments were crated and stored to never be returned in my opinion. You be the judge and check out the videos especially the one of them being cut apart with a sawsall. Absolutely shameful for our city!

Somerville deserves better!

One thought on “Displaced Somerville War Memorial Monuments Found Crated Up at MBTA Storage Yard”

  1. Speaking of missing war memorials! Where is the monument for Francis O’Brien, killed in WW2. Family was from Putnam Rd. Killed fighting for our country/us. It was right in front of St Polycarp’s church…..Francis O’Brien Square. After all the construction the only thing left on this mark was a monument about the Mystic River Herring run, good but does NOT even come close to a local boy dying for his country!

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