Letter from the Editor: CASPAR’s Women’s Residential Services NEW DAY telling moms with babies to leave with only three days notice

This past week I called as a request for help from a Somerville resident, CASPAR who runs this Women’s Residential Service called NEW DAY that’s located at 242 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02138.
I spoke to the Elizabeth LaCasse who is listed as the Program Director.

When I called to speak to her about the letter, instead of guiding me, she became one of the most rudest, belligerent and most unprofessional people I that have ever spoken to in all my life and just hung up on me instead of discussing protocol and/or any remedies/protocols that are required. When I immediately called her right back I told her that “She is probably the reason why this program is closing because of people like you and your unprofessionalism and rudeness. No wonder their program failed!”

Below is the message that was sent to me:

“Hi Billy,
This is xxxxxxxxxxx. I have some very disturbing news that has been brought to my attention. My daughter is a resident with her son at New Day in Somerville. All the woman there have been told that this place is shutting down due to the use & abuse of residents. I worked in that field for years and that is not the standard protocol.
When this happens, you either give them a choice of leaving or a referral to detox, not leave the woman left on their own devices to fend for themselves. Where is the safety for the sick and suffering addict and the recovering addict or the women who are inducted to the program for the first time?

Billy I need your help to help me find out what really happened and secure scattered sites for these women while they are awiting their housing. My daughter just received her Sec 8 certificate and has no where to go. The date the women were given is March 17th to move out and they only notified them on the 14th just leaving these women and babies only three days prior to up and leave. All in one week this happened … Something doesn’t add up here.. Please get back to me asap. I spoke with many people who suggested that I talk with you.

Also please keep in mind that the date to evacute the premises is March 17th and New Day has not secured a scattered site for these girls and their babies..

This letter was just given to my daughter 3 days before the actual date to vacate New Day. No notice was given to prepare these women with children to help them with shelter in place.. This is totally unacceptable.

Thank you Billy in advance for your help.

xxxxxx xxxxx

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: CASPAR’s Women’s Residential Services NEW DAY telling moms with babies to leave with only three days notice”

  1. 4 months pregnant with my now 13 yr old son I went to that program straight out of Framingham women’s jail…we never had groups all we did was go to outside meetings. Every meeting we went to I was watching the other women go hook up with their new recovery boo in the bathroom or outside smoking the whole time.. when I told staff this didn’t feel helpful to me they kept me behind while they sent the other girls to a meeting brought me to the office and told me I had to leave and figure something out on my own.. then proceeded to tell the other women I left because I wanted to get high.. luckily my best friend lived in Davis sq because did I mention I was sent away with all my stuff in a trash bag that ripped halfway there… I’m honestly surprised this place stayed open that long..

  2. This is devastating to the clients and to their families. It is a difficult step to seek and persist with help. How is this allowed??? It sounds like the people in charge need help!

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