Letter from the Editor:Somerville High School Threat

By William Tauro

This recent threat against the Somerville High School and it’s students that was made this past Monday, is more reason why we need police in our schools. Our elected officials are more concerned about creating traffic islands, removing parking spaces and giving themselves pay-raises and staff which they don’t need instead of putting the money toward policing our schools and keeping our children safe. All they talk about is defunding, defunding, defunding instead of protecting our community.

Defunding the police has led to higher crime levels around the city over the past two years.

By fully funding the police, more resources can be allocated to the training they need to avoid tragic situations.

It also allows police officers to spend more time in the wards of Somerville that they’re protecting – not only serving citizens when they are in dangerous situations, but also building relationships with them.

Our current administration and city councilors are totally against the police and have all rallied for defunding them which I am totally against!

When we get to know each other, we can come together as a more unified community!

It’s time for change!

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Somerville High School Threat”

  1. Thank you for getting this information out quicker than our schools did. I’m not understanding the benefit of police being stationed outside of the school, and not in.

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