Somerville, The Early Years

By Arthur Moore

Today I am making some eggplant. It is a nostalgic thing with me. A vivid memory of Park Street where we had so many wonderful neighbors and knew them and socialized with them. One day when coming home from the Central Hospital over 60 years ago my mother was not home.

I went a couple of doors down to Anne Donnaruma’s house. She asked me if I had lunch and I said no. So she put this eggplant in front of me. I wanted no part of that as it did not look like anything I had ever seen. But being in a time where we had to be courteous and respectful we had to act nice and just do it. Surprise! It was great. Next time she made it I went over and learned how to make it. Then went home and made it. It has been a staple in our house since that day. Park Street was great back then knowing and caring for each other. Kids playing with each other all the time. In and out of each other’s houses. We went places together. It was a great experience looking back. I can remember everybody. Unlike to day. Many have passed on but the memory really stays on. It is so vivid all those great times together. It was not only the best but sadly not seen anymore. But Anne was such a nice lady. She had to stop and answer the phone a lot. But all she did was write down some numbers. Her sister was nice also. Lived over the Garden Court Bakery. Glad I didn’t, I would still be there as they would never get me out the door. Her husband and myself used to listen to Bobby Darin together until he passed away so young. One last thing, I love living in the past. It was the best.

2 thoughts on “Somerville, The Early Years”

  1. Can’t blame you. The last 20 years have ruined this once great city. I can’t get out of here fast enough.

  2. Those were the good old days. I was born & raised in the Mystic Projects back in 1962. The neighbors (moms) always watched out for the neighbor’s children when they were outside playing. Sad how things ended up there. My family moved out in 1984 , we moved to Linden Ave. Today I no longer reside in Somerville, I do shop & bank there. The way it is today, I never want to move back there.

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