Letter from the Editor:Local Elected Officials Neglecting Safety and Health Conditions for First Responders

It’s a disappointing shame that our elected officials are ignoring all of these horrific conditions for over so many years. It should have been dealt with and done with automatically without hesitation!

All of these elected officials they were CCed here in this letter, selfishly rallied for pay raises for themselves for their own personal gain. They even rallied for having the city hoof the bill for their own personal office staff!  Simply put “Greed!”

Our police, firefighters and all first responders deserve better! Give them the tools they need to keep us safe and the accommodations to keep them healthy and safe as well! It’s time for change!

An important message from Local 76 concerning the conditions of firehouses citywide.
Ben Ewen-Campen, Ward 3 City Councilor
Judy for Somerville
Councilor Kristen Strezo, Somerville City Councilor At-Large
Willie For Somerville
Charlotte Kelly for Somerville
Councilor-At-Large Jake Wilson
Matt McLaughlin
JT Scott for Ward 2
Councilor Clingan
Beatriz Gómez-Mouakad Somerville Ward 5 City Councilor
Lance Davis Ward 6 City Council
Mayor Katjana Ballantyne

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Local Elected Officials Neglecting Safety and Health Conditions for First Responders”

  1. Jefferson unfortunately their attention is not toward the safety of those who are there to protect us when there is an emergency. Their priorities are speed bumps. bike lanes, artist space and giving away money.
    The city municipal buildings, streets, sidewalks schools, public safety buildings signage and rodent issues are not a priority.
    I hope and pray that everyone remains safe however the conditions everyone is exposed to are sad.
    The only good thing it is an election year. It is time that all the unions work together to encourage new candidates and elect those that truly reflect the needs and safety of the whole community.
    We are in your corner.

    John L. Sullivan

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