Measure Twice And Cut Once Is A Thing Of The Past In Somerville

By William Tauro

What ever happened to the old saying “Measure twice and cut once? Well this is what’s going on at Holland Street in Somerville! Apparently they put the wrong grade level on the asphalt only a few months ago after the job had been done, and now they are cutting it up and doing it again!

I say fire the incompetent asshole Somerville project supervisor from Somerville who approved it!

They finished this a month ago .. you can see where they cut it out .. now there cutting it back ..corner of winter and Holland street .. across from the vanguard medical building .. no worries it’s coming out of your pocket, so do you think it’s time for change now?

2 thoughts on “Measure Twice And Cut Once Is A Thing Of The Past In Somerville”

  1. It’s unclear this isn’t actually the right way to do this, given that the road had to sit around for a while between construction phases. It seems worse to just leave that as dirt.

    Also worth noting the project design was changed at the request of the new mayor, after the death of a bicyclist. I’d blame the previous administration for not including protected bike lanes and raised crosswalks.

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