Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(A&B w/ Dangerous Weapon) Victim Struck In Face With Shovel

On Saturday, November 19th, 2022, Somerville Police control received a call for a fight occurring at Montaje apartments, located at 449 Canal Street. Officers Campers, Pavao, Lorenti, Messaoudi, and I were all dispatched to that location.

Upon arrival, we encountered a large group of intoxicated and uncooperative individuals. We were informed that a male, later identified as XXXX assaulted two (2) females, but we were unable to locate any victims. XXXX was highly intoxicated and behaving emotionally, but was able to acquire a ride home after being advised to leave the scene.

Officer Messaoudi and I were the last unit to clear the call, which was at 11:20 pm.

At 11:23 pm, Somerville Dispatch received four (4) calls from four (4) identifiable persons reporting a fight outside the Montaje apartments, located at 449 Canal Street. One caller stated that one of the individuals involved in the fight had an axe or something with a handle.

Officer Messaoudi and I were dispatched along with Officers Desrochers, Scrugli, and McLaughlin.

Upon arrival, I witnessed XXXX bleeding from his right cheek, chin, and hand, and walking with a limp. XXXX approached me and stated that he was struck in the face with a shovel by Xxxxx but that he did not want to press charges. I requested Somerville Fire and EMS to respond to the scene. XXXX was evaluated and transported to an area hospital by ambulance.

I asked XXXX why he returned to the building after he had left, to which he stated that he was looking for his phone and it was then that he was attacked by Xxxxxxx.

Officer Messaoudi stopped a Toyota Camry bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX, owned and operated by Xxxxxx who was wearing a green sweatshirt and a white hat. Officer Messaoudi asked Xxxxxx to step out of the vehicle and advised him that we were investigating an assault and he was named as a suspect. Officer Messaoudi asked Xxxxxx if he could look in the trunk of his vehicle, Xxxxxx consented and opened the trunk of his vehicle. A shovel was located in the trunk of xxxxxx vehicle corroborating the victim’s statement.

Based on the Reporting Parties’ statements, the victim’s statement, and the injuries sustained by the victim, I placed Xxxxxx under arrest for assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, c.265 S.15A. I confiscated the shovel which was tagged and placed into evidence by Officer Messaoudi.

Xxxxxx was transported to the Somerville Police headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Radocha, and booked by Sergeant Richardson.

Officer Messaoudi and I then went back into the Montaje apartments to speak with one of the witnesses, XXXX. XXXX stated that she witnessed a man in a white hat (Xxxxxxx) exit a black sedan and strike a man with cornrows (XXXX) in the upper body area with a shovel.


Officer Barton #367
Somerville Police Department

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