Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Defacement)

On Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 9:03 AM, I, Officer Richard Lavey III, along with Officers Messaoudi, Campers, D. Lambert, and Catatao, was dispatched to the area of 160 Broadway for the report of a bald white male about six feet tall wearing a gray shirt and jeans throwing rocks at a building and pushing one individual in front of 160 Broadway.

While en route to 160 Broadway, dispatch updated responding units with a second call from XXXX stating this same individual damaged the flowers outside the restaurant by pulling them out of the holders. Officer Messaoudi and I drove down Michigan Ave, the last known direction of travel of the suspect, later identified as Joseph BALISTRERI.

While turning onto Pennsylvania Ave we were flagged down by an individual who stated a “disheveled man” matching the description walked down Maine Ave. The individual who flagged us down stated he knew the individual later identified as BALISTRERI lived on Maine Ave. Officer Messaoudi is familiar with BALISTRERI from past incidents and knows he lives on Maine Ave and fits the descriptions given so far. BALISTRERI lives at 6 Maine Ave APT #1. Officer Messaoudi and I knocked on the door several times but there was no answer.

At 9:13 AM dispatch notified responding units that there was another caller from XXX Walnut St. whose car (MA REG: XXXX) was kicked by a male matching the same description as the other incidents mentioned in this report. Officer D. Lambert spoke to XXXX, the owner of the vehicle. The description she gave was a white heavy set male with blue jeans. There was minor damage to the back of her vehicle (see attached photo).

Dispatch updated responding units at 9:24 AM, that there was another call at 246 Broadway for the report of a trash can that had been thrown through a car window. Officer Messaoudi and I spoke to a man at a gas station near 246 Broadway who stated he saw a man matching BALISTRERI’s description kicking a car. After seeing this man kick a car, the man at the gas station reported the individual walked towards 246 Broadway. After searching the area and not finding anyone, Officer Messaoudi and I spoke to the resident of 246 Broadway, XXXX, who was already speaking to Officer Catatao. Upon arrival to 246 Broadway a large amount of damage was observed to XXXX Toyota Camry (MA REG: XXXX) (See attached photo). XXXX stated she was not home when she got a call from her downstairs neighbor. Her downstairs neighbor told her to come home because someone threw a trash can through her car window. After XXXX came home and saw the extent of the damage to her rear windshield she called the Somerville Police.

After speaking to XXXX, Officer Messaoudi and I drove to 160 Broadway to assess the damage (See attached photo). The glass door to XXXX was shattered with a large hole in it. While waiting for the shop owner, XXXX, to arrive a lady, identified as XXXX, approached us and stated she had witnessed a man kick the door to the barbershop and after being unable to break the door grabbed a brick or large stone and threw it through the door. After witnessing BALISTRERI throw a stone through the glass door, XXXX stated BALISTRERI walked behind her on the sidewalk. XXXX did not call the police because BALISTRERI was close to her. XXXX was contacted and told about the damage to his business. XXXX arrived on scene and told officers that the ring doorbell camera located above his door was not turned on during the incident.

While speaking to XXXX, Officer Campers called over the radio stating she was at the intersection of Broadway and Pennsylvania Ave with an individual matching the description of BALISTRERI. Officer Messaoudi and I drove to Officer Campers’ location where BALISTRERI was standing talking to Officer Campers. BALISTRERI had open cuts on his hands. When asked how he got the cuts on his hand he stated he cut it on something in his home. A few minutes later when asked the same question he stated he fell on his garage. Officer Messaoudi called for the fire department to do a medical evaluation of BALISTRERI. While waiting for the fire department BALISTRERI kept stating he did nothing wrong and he wanted to go home. At one point BALISTRERI tried to walk away at which point he was placed in handcuffs. BALISTRERI was given a Band-Aid by Somerville Firefighters and refused further medical assistance.

Officer Campers conducted show-ups with two witnesses. See report 22032971-2 for details regarding the show-ups. I placed BALISTRERI under arrest for malicious/wanton destruction of property. BALISTRERI repeatedly stated he believed he was being targeted because he was white and regularly yelled obscenities at officers on scene.

BALISTRERI was taken to the wagon and transported to the Somerville Police Department for booking. BALISTRERI is being charged with three counts of malicious/wanton defacement of property. BALISTRERI refused to cooperate with the booking process and was placed in a holding cell.

At the time of finishing this report, 4:12 PM, BALISTRERI is still unable to be processed for booking.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Richard Lavey III #365
Somerville Police Dept.

One thought on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Defacement)”

  1. This person is well known in the community and by the Police Department.

    Property Damage can be addressed.

    He needs to be off the streets before he harms someone as he’s mentally unstable. Mental hospital or incarceration is appropriate.

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