Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Michael WHELAN (ADW) (Medford Warrants)

On May 24, 2021, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser 786 (East 1). At 6:37pm I was dispatched along with Officer Edna DaCosta (184) to the area of Trader Joe’s for a white male who pulled a knife on multiple people. The reporting party, XXXX, is the director for Assembly Row security, and was following the suspect.

We located the suspect on the stairs to the Somerville District Court House located at 175 Fellsway. Officer DaCosta approached the suspect first, and he removed a large gray lighter (approximately 13 inches long) from his shorts, and placed it on the ground. A pat frisk was conducted and no other weapons were located. The suspect identified himself as Michael Whelan (XXXX). Whelan appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, and had some trouble answering questions. Whelan could not tell me why we were talking to him, but stated his probation officer XXXX is expecting him. The time was approximately 6:40pm, and the district court was closed. I asked Whelan if he had a knife, which he denied.

I went and spoke with Assembly Row security officer XXXX. XXXX stated she was completing her tour of the property. She was leaving the area of the MBTA station when she noticed Whelan following her. XXXX stated she stopped and Whelan would stop, then he continued to walk and Whelan got within foot of her. XXXX stated Whelan began bombarding her with questions of who she worked for and an address, becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive. Whelan then removed an item from his shorts and began running at XXXX. XXXX stated an unidentified witness had just come to her side prior to Whelan advancing, and this individual yelled “he has a knife”. XXXX and the unidentified witness began running toward the Row hotel. XXXX stated he heard XXXX on the radio yell about a guy with a knife and he responded to assist. XXXX stated she believed he had a knife and was in fear of being harmed during this incident. During my conversation with XXXX she appeared distraught.

XXXX informed me the incident was captured on the video surveillance system, and he would provide me with a copy. I then placed Whelan under arrest for assault by means of a dangerous weapon. I also located a straight warrant (Docket #1810CR001727) for Whelan issued out of Somerville District Court. Whelan was transported to the station by Officer Robert Anaya, where at this time he was refusing to be booked by Lt. Michael Capasso.

A photo of the lighter has been digitally attached to this report, and the lighter has been placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville PD

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