2 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford Speakup Line:Mayor Curtatone’s Rubber-stamp Appointee Storms Capital”

  1. Lets take the facts before a knee jerk reaction by the City Councilors and Mayor mums the word.
    Was she involved with any wrong doing?
    It is everyone’s right to participate in a protest / picket / assembly if you are not breaking the law.

    Numerous people in this city supported black lives matter protest along with the banner being placed on the peoples city hall without any discussion.

    The Mayor thought when protesters blocked route 93 it was acceptable no severe punishment should have been placed on them.
    He never thought about those going to work, the doctors appointments, the emergencies, the important deliveries, the courts etc.

    Did anyone notice media Joe did not want to speak live why?
    There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
    Why is he afraid to be questioned by the media.
    Why is there alleged ethics violations related to money to purchase items for the accused?

    The sad part of this whole situation the waters get muddied as a result of poor choices made by some.
    Why did the single indignant mother of three go to Washington for a protest in the first place.

    Just another sad day in Somerville I just hope voters here and abroad remember this along with many other bad decisions the Mayor has made.

    I called it in my comments about a year ago Marty had aspirations and now he will be the Biden teams labor leader. Joe just don’t know where your gonna go the opportunities such as Harvard continue to dwindle.

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