Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

This is my email to the Mayor and Inspectional Services Department below that I sent ‪this morning‬…I hope that they enforce this violation by local developers Jason Kahan & Olga Bassa.
You had a previous article about them titled “IS THIS AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN EXCEPTION TO THE FACT FOR THE PRIVILEGED IN SOMERVILLE?” It was excellent and very accurate…we purchased a condo from them and it has been faulty in a dangerous way and we know how he does business…urine bottles inside our million dollar condo walls, unlicensed contractors that drink on the site and admitted convicts and drug addicts that he hires but now he is as morally corrupt as he could ever be…
Here is my email below that I sent to the City. I also contacted 311 Somerville and our Ward 2 Alderman and all I could think of to stop the work order…I feel like the city is VERY lenient towarda Jason Kahan’s ‪35 Dane St‬ site and his unethical behavior during this pandemic.
Thank you and be well…

Heidi L. Everhart

Dear Mayor and ISD,

‪Sunday evening…after the Mayor’s closure of ALL non essential Construction ‬
Jason Kahan was entering his ‪35 Dane Street‬ construction site with his workers to tape up all his windows with contractor paper in hopes that they will not be noticed and continuing indoor construction.
Once again they were coming and going not respecting the safety of our very densely populated community. PLEASE…he thinks he is above the law of Somerville…this is morally corrupt to our Somerville community.
Please be aware of this construction site…there are guys continuing to enter and sneak in to work and we did take photos of this…can his permits be pulled or does he just keep thinking he is untouchable to the city and residents of Somerville even during a pandemic. Every other constuction site in our neighborhood supports our Mayor…why won’t Jason Kahan?
Thank you! Be safe!
Next door abutter…

Heidi L. Everhart

Original article can be read below:

Is This an Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen Exception to the Fact For the Privileged in Somerville? | The Somerville News Weekly

Is This an Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen Exception to the Fact For the Privileged in Somerville?


8 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line: Re Your Prior Article: 35 Dane Street Site “IS THIS AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN EXCEPTION TO THE FACT FOR THE PRIVILEGED IN SOMERVILLE?””

  1. First and foremost I have an ethical obligation to the residents of this great State of Massachusetts as an engineer focusing in life safety for the past 20 years of my life which is what was occurring and triggered this nice note. A fire in this neighborhood would be catastrophic

    I am truly saddened to see that Heidi L. Everhart would take the time to fabricate a story and slander my wife and I in the midst of a global health and economic crisis.   This should be a time of healing, not divisiveness. As longtime residents of Winter Hill, we are ashamed to see the City’s “new residents” create their own version of reality;  apparently in order to derive some warped and perverse personal satisfaction.  We have been nothing but accommodating to this couple while dealing with their demeaning attitude and “New Somerville” entitlement.  We have gone as far as offering to provide a 3D virtual tour of their home before sheetrock was installed and remove and reinstall it.   All attempts to provide the “benefit of the doubt” and rectify any issues we were denied.   Apparently, if we remedied the issues we would have taken away their platform to battle and attack others this stops now we have taken the one sided attacks for over a year.

    Apparently being financially independent means that this couple can make it their mission to slander and publicize false opinions about a husband and wife and their small family business.  We work incredibly hard every day with the singular goal of making Somerville (the City we called and always will call home) the best City in the Country.  

    Now for the facts… We own the building at 35 Dane Street.  We have been working there to make the the building safe for the neighbors (including Ms. Everhart) by activating the alarm and sprinkler system; we did this only after notifying the City.  Furthermore…our masking of the windows was for security purposes to ensure that thieves aren’t looking inside of our building before our alarm and video detection systems were installed.   Where was Ms. Everhart when thieves broke into our building multiple times before in the middle of the day?  Turning a blind eye perhaps?

    There is a clear agenda here (one that is warped and perverse).   Today my wife, myself and our three daughters we were their target.  I wonder who they will attempt to prey on the next time   We’re not going anywhere as Somerville is the City we have lived most in our lives and the City where our children were born.  We’ll worry about how we can practice social distancing, help people in need, and care for our loved ones because that’s who we are.   We’ll leave the disgusting attacks and divisive demeanor to Ms. Everhart as she is clearly much more capable at that mission than we are.


  2. This developer got caught by a concerned Somerville Citizen and his best defense was an offense…WHEN A MAYOR GIVES YOU DAYS TO PREPARE A STOP ORDER IN A PANDEMIC STOP ALL WORK ON YOUR SITE…THAT MEANS ALL WORK! YOUR SITE IS NON ESSENTIAL. Thank you Somerville citizen for informing the city. We too saw workers there after the Mayor’s deadline like it was business as usual days after the stop order…concur.
    His defense was to try to attack your character as if he is a victim. You are scared like us all in our communities by having so many contractors outside your home and the neighborhood and his offensive response was damage control after getting caught.
    Kerry/Dane St. Resident

  3. Just wait until the new condo owners figure out they just bought a $800k money pit. More lawyers, more corrupt developers and corrupt helpers…..out of state trucks will be gone before court docs are filed. What a rigged system. Who the hell is allowing all this to happen?

  4. The developer is lying. He and his wife aren’t ‘longtime residents of Winter Hill’, they live in a McMansion in Boxford. He even lies about his family. He doesn’t have 3 daughters, he has 2 sons. I know this because my buddy on the North Shore knows them. The idea that this guy and his wife/business partner care about Somerville is laughable.

  5. April 3rd during a Pandemic and Jason Kahan is STILL sending workers to 35 Dane St and it is NOT to service his fire supression system. His neighbor is absolutely correct in her post …he is disliked by our entire neighborhood. His sending workers still holds him responsible for spreading this epidemic to the Somerville community. One of his trucks is from NH and that guy is not licensed.

    1. April 6th. and Jason Kahan & Olga Bassa are continuing to defy the Mayor’s stop order as workers enter the site with wood and disregard the severity of the Pandemic for the residents of Somerville. They show no love for Somerville or respect for the Mayor or human lives or else they would abide by the rules and close their site until the Mayor reopens non essential construction. This is a public health shame as the Covid-19 numbers increase daily in Somerville.
      Be well and be safe fellow residents of Somerville.

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