Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week: Vinny Migliore

Meet this week’s “Special Person of the Week: Vinny Migliore

50 years ago this month, a young Sicilian from Canicattì with a dream bought a corner market. It was 1969 and #eastsomerville was a very different place than it is today. From milk and bread to award-winning dishes

Vinny succeeded because he treats everyone like a friend. Vinny loves his neighborhood, friends, family, neighbors, customers, and staff. Each one of you are part of Vinny’s rich history.

We hope you’ll come and visit this month to share memories and make new ones. Meet old friends and make new ones. Vinny doesn’t like to brag, please share your favorite Vinny experience.

Our hats are off to his true Somerville spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


3 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week: Vinny Migliore”

  1. So many wonderful Vinny experiences but one that especially comes to mind is when the crew from Phantom Goumet came to focus on Vinny’s Place. Hard to say who enjoyed the night more, us guests or their crew. Sooooo much food!

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