Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Fired for Sending Hundreds of Threatening Emails, Texts and Calls to Stealing Somerville Author/News Publisher from Inside Courthouse

Photo top right:George P. Hassett III

By Somerville News Weekly Staff

This past Friday morning, a now former Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney was scheduled to be on the wrong side of the bench where he had to face a judge in Lowell District Court but instead he chose not to appear at the hearing.

George P. Hassett III of Medford is being accused of sending hundreds of multiple threatening emails, texts and phone calls to William Tauro and staff members.

Tauro who is the author of the book “Stealing Somerville Death of an Urban City” and the Publisher of the Somerville News Weekly reported the threats to the Middlesex County Disritct Attorney’s Office and Massachusetts State Police on Tuesday August 13th.

Tauro is also a federal witness seeking federal charges in a case against Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and five other people.

Hassett was using his real name from his own personal email account from his cellphone as well as from his desk within the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

Hassett at the time, was an assistant district attorney working for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office in charge of appeals that’s located in Woburn while these threats were reported.

The emails began during 2017 after the introduction of the book “Stealing Somerville Death of an Urban City” was introduced and later published in December of 2018 revealing political corruption within the City of Somerville.

On August 13th, seven additional emails sent to Tauro by Hassett were sent as Hassett was working at the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office in Woburn while Hassett was on the clock.

The emails that were all sent from Hasset’s private email account that consisted of multiple threats harassment and hate speech.

Tauro said that he believes that “Hassett is distraught of a chapter in Tauro‘s new book, where Tauro points out and mentions an article that was priorly written by Hassett in 2007 that appeared in a news column that Hassett may have gotten the information wrong. The article was regarding a intentionally made up Somerville Sanctuary City resolution that never existed that former disgraced Middlesex County Registrar of Probate John Bonomo, who was a Somerville Alderman at the time, admitted to Tauro that he had lied to Hassett in the interview.”

On Wednesday August 14th Massachusetts State troopers escorted Hasset out of his office that’s located in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office located in Woburn pending an investigation.

On Thursday the following morning,Tauro stated that he received over twenty-three repeatedly dialed phone calls from Hassett that began at 6:29 am to Tauro’s cellphone as well as four calls to Tauro’s home phone.

Tauro stated that Hassett told him multiple times over the phone, repeatedly that “If Tauro doesn’t cancel out and shows up at the DA’s Office on Monday that he (Hassett) is going to let you (Tauro) know what it feels like to have a target on his head.” When Tauro asked Hasset what he meant by that Hasset replied “Use your imagination when I see you face to face at your home address.” This message was repeatedly said to Tauro in multiple phone calls from Hassett.

Tauro said that Hassett then added that “Tauro’s going to get a taste of what it is to go to war with an attorney.”

Tauro stated to us that he’s deeply concerned that “This guy appears that he’s more of a danger to himself by the way he sounded as he appears to be in a desperate need of psychiatric attention.”

The incident was reported to the office of Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan who’s spokesperson Meghan Kelly stated to us that “We take these allegations very seriously and we are investigating the situation and evidence presented thoroughly.”

On Thursday August 15th, Hassett’s employment as an assistant district attorney was terminated in an email sent to him by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office.

Tauro stated that “The Middlesex County DA’s office was more surprised of when they learned that the person who was issuing the threats was one of their own who worked in their office and then they immediately without haste jumped into action and did the right thing.” Tauro also stated “I am very grateful to District Attorney Marian Ryan and her staff for ensuring my family’s and my staff’s as well as my own safety of the threats that were made and removing this assistant district attorney from handling or prosecuting any further cases with the district attorney’s office”

Hasset from 2005-2009 was employed as the editor of the former Somerville News (Now Somerville Times). From 2009-2010 he was a reporter for the Somerville Journal and from 2015 to present his Facebook page reads that he is still currently a reporter for DigBoston. Hassett was also employed by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office as a Assistant District Attorney from 2018-August 15th, 2019 when he was fired for these threats .

George P. Hassett III is the grandson of the late George P Hassett who was a well known and respected attorney in Medford in which the street that the Medford City Hall building is located on is named after.

George Hassett’s father, the late George P Hasset II who passed away in 2012. who was also a well known and respected defense attorney living in Medford Massachusetts.

On Friday August 16th a Lowell District Court judge ordered an harassment prevention order against Hassett to be issued which was extended for a year on Friday August 30th.

This story is still developing…

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  1. Why is it that I have been receiving threatening messages, emails and phone calls, some threatening my life, others stealing all of my data, had my identity stolen, and my router hacked, so that I can’t even call to get medical attention or an ambulance, and the Attorney General’s Office has treated me like I’m making it all up, and never investigated any of my 7 phone calls to their Office?
    I too am an attorney in the Commonwealth.
    Is it because I’m poor, or is it because I’m disabled?

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