Somerville Mystic Valley Parkway Neighbors Up In Arms, Raise Deep Concerns With Nobody Listening and Possible Municipal Conflicts

By William Tauro

When you stroll down 501 Mystic Valley Parkway in Somerville, you at one time until recently could walk along what was once a natural forest on a rather large residential parcel of land that had dozens of tall pine trees. But now as of last week there is only an empty lot with dozens of trees cut down.
A major development is proposed for this property that isn’t sitting very well with the neighborhood.

The legal registered owner on record of the property is owned by DiCecca Chas and Molly M & Kristin Trustees of the DiCecca Realty Trust of 501 Mystic Valley Parkway, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144.

We were told that the developers have proposed two options with the abutters that one of the options would contribute somewhat to the neighborhood and a second option wouldn’t do any neighborhood mitigation at all.

One option of the proposed plan that for this property consist of 81 units made up of studio and one bedroom units that will be on the market for five-hundred-thousand dollars each with some needed mitigation to the sewar issues and a new fence along the perimeter of the abutting properties.

The second option for the property consists of 21 units that will go up for sale for approximately one million dollars each with no neighborhood mitigation at all.

Neighbors close to the proposed development told us that Former Somerville Alderman/Attorney Sean O’Donovan and the property’s developer have been reaching out to residents possibly to drum up support for the project. We were told that Paramount is the Boston Developer who is involved with the project.

Neighbors and abutting residents are furious that the developer has already cut numerous trees down suspiciously only a day or so prior to the Somerville August tree ordinance deadline.

Many of the dozens of trees that were cut down on the property measured thirty inches or more in thickness that shouldn’t have been cut down at all and would’ve been a violation if they were cut down after the tree ordinance had passed. Some of the neighbors suspect that the developers got the heads up from a city connected source and cut the trees down days before the ordinance passed that would’ve prevented the developer to cut down the trees. The initial proposal was for a hotel that the neighbors opposed unanimously.

Neighbors have expressed many major concerns that this former Somerville Alderman has had numerous conversations with residents on the odd side abutting the property who have already been dealing with basement flooding issues since the Capen Court and Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) developments have been built.

Neighbors are deeply concerned and furious that the city of Somerville nor the City Councillors appear to be willing to address these concerns. Some residents are even telling us that they believe that this may be a major illegal conflict of interest where they believe that corrupt city officials as well as city influenced individuals are involved in the project as well.

Neighbors have been discussing their dislike and objections of the project with the developers, along with lighting and other noise problems as well that will threaten the well being of the neighborhood.

This story is still developing…

3 thoughts on “Somerville Mystic Valley Parkway Neighbors Up In Arms, Raise Deep Concerns With Nobody Listening and Possible Municipal Conflicts”

  1. The DiCecca’s, who own this large plot of land, begged our neighborhood for help retaining trees to ensure their privacy when they still lived there and during the construction of the VNA. Now that they have decided to sell…screw all of us I guess?

  2. Frank,
    The only birds migrating on this off to a bad start disaster is the elected officials. Knowing tree removal has been an issue with developers and the fact that the previous owners liked having the trees. You think they would have been at the table for the neighborhood and negotiated saving as many of them during the approval process. Especially along the abutters properties.

    With regards to offering some mitigation for the flooding and drainage relief this should be automatic. This city has their back against the wall to begin addressing drainage concerns throughout the city that are required by the State otherwise they will pay the price.

    This type of problem is occurring throughout the city and nobody is watching out for what is best for the community as a whole .

    Living here for fifty five years this city is the worse it has ever been since the days of Slummerville.

    Shame on those elected to act on behalf of the neighborhoods.

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