Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(Shoplifting) at Puma Store Assembly Row

On 04/30/2019, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East One. At approximately 19:51 hours, Alpha One broadcast a description of a shoplifter that had fled from Puma at 341 Artisan Way. The shoplifter was described as a male wearing a black bandanna, a black sweat shirt, and carrying an over stuffed blue bag. Officer Lorenti in East Four, Officer Buswell in East Three, and I responded to the area. I observed two males walking on Foley St. One of them fit the given description. I stopped both parties. Officer Buswell and Lorenti arrived on scene shortly after.
The first male, identified as XXXX admitted to being at Puma. He and his friend, later identified as Xxxxx xxxxxx, had been shopping there and tried on clothes.
I searched Mr. XXXX back pack. No merchandise was found from Puma. Later, I did find Nike merchandise with tags attached. Mr. XXXX stated that Mr. xxxxx had put it in his back pack, and he believed that Mr. xxxxx had paid for it. A search of Mr. xxxxx back pack was conducted. Several articles of Puma brand clothing, and a pair of Nike sneakers that appeared to be brand new, were found. All items, except for the sneakers, had store tags on them. Mr. xxxxx stated that he hadn’t stolen anything and had purchased the items in the past.
XXXX and XXXX of Puma arrived on scene. They recognized Mr. XXXX and Mr. xxxxx. Mr. XXXX was observed entering a fitting room with several articles of clothing. Two theft detection tags were located in the fitting room that Mr. XXXX had used, along with a jogging set. However, the jogging set still had security tags attached. Mr. xxxxx was observed entering a fitting room with no merchandise, and then leaving with no merchandise. They mentioned that Mr. xxxxx had requested an article of clothing, sized large. One of the items Mr. xxxxx had in his backpack was a shirt, size large.
I placed Mr. xxxxx under arrest for shoplifting by asportation 266/30A/A. The total amount of goods stolen from Puma was $125.50. I then followed up with Puma and Nike employees. At Puma, Mr. XXXX advised me that he observed a tear on the BMW shirt that Mr. xxxxxx had taken from the store. The tear was in the lower left of the the article, and that is consistent with where the store attaches security tags. I then spoke with XXXX, an employee at Nike, 300 Artisan Way. He advised me that he was aware of the Puma incident and observed Mr. XXXX and Mr. xxxx in his store. He stated that Mr. xxxxx repeatedly entered the fitting rooms. I asked to review any video surveilance Nike may have had. A camera caught Mr. xxxxx trying on the sneakers I found him with. Mr. Xxxxx then leaves the camera’s line of sight. Neither party had purchased anything. I will be charging Mr. xxxxx with an additional count of shoplifting by asportation for stealing several items from Nike, totaling $227.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302

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