Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates

By JoAnn Rivieccio (SOA)

On Monday , March 25th the SOA show had the honors of interviewing Dr Ellie Grossman . Ellie has been a doctor for 18 years and has been apart of Cambridge Health Alliance for the past 3 ½ years.
Ellie is a Primary Care Doctor at the Somerville hospital, Her specialty is Substance Abuse Disorder This comes in handy when we talk about stigma. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect, I find this so refreshing. Dr Grossman is taking on new patients, call for an appointment . I love how open, confident and pleasant she is expressing her position in the medical field Please check out our interview online or youtube under Somerville Overcoming Addiction.
I am very happy to see so many changes as to improve how Cambridge Health Alliance is treating persons of Substance Abuse.
Many locations are using Recovery Coaches to help individuals achieve the best Medical care.
We all know that admitting what we need help is hard enough , sometimes our know stigma gets in the way of our recovery . I am so grateful when I see the individual in need of services get services and not being judged BRAVO … So proud of the changes and the willingness to improve services where needed. Somerville is very lucky to have a devoted Medical Facility like CHA .
Next week a recap of my trip to DC to rally in front of The FDA with other moms that have lost children to this horrible epidemic .
Plus a recap of the Tufts students interview on Sack the Sacklers ….
Also remember Teen Empowerment and SOA please attend the event being Held April 10th at the Somerville Armory at 6pm. If you want to sing, recite a poem or just want to support other that do …come on down !

2 thoughts on “Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates”

  1. Reading about Somerville’s journey to overcome addiction is truly inspiring. It’s a powerful reminder that resilience and determination can triumph over even the toughest challenges. Kudos to the individuals and the community for their unwavering support in this remarkable journey towards recovery. This blog post is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the positive change that can happen when we come together.

  2. Your blog on overcoming addiction is a valuable resource for anyone seeking recovery and transformation. Your insightful posts and heartfelt stories provide encouragement and guidance for those on the path to sobriety. Your passion for recovery shines through your writing, and it’s truly contagious. Thank you for being a source of inspiration and support in the journey of overcoming addiction.

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