Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brittany TISDELL (ADW)

On March 26th, 2019, I, Officer James Torres, was in full-uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 1, during the first-half shift. At approximately 9:38 PM, I, along with Officer Priscilla Ribeiro (East 4), responded to XXX Canal Street #XXX, for a report of a female who was assaulted by her friend.

Upon my arrival, I spoke to the involved party, identified as Brittany Tisdell. Ms. Tisdell stated that she was at her friend’s house when the two got into an argument and that her friend began to repeatedly punch her in the face. Ms. Tisdell then stated her friend then picked up a wine glass containing wine and threw it at her striking her in the face. I’d like to note that Ms. Tisdell did not have any visible injuries to her face and that she was checked out by EMS and refused any medical attention. Ms. Tisdell also did not appear to have any wine stains or liquid on her clothing contrary to her stating she was hit with a glass of wine. Ms. Tisdell did appear to be under the influence of alcohol as her speech was slightly slurred and I could notice the smell of alcohol emanating from her breath. When I asked Ms. Tisdell what the arguement was over, she stated that her friend had wanted to get cocaine and when they were unable too, her friend got mad and began assaulting her.

I then made my way to Apt # XXX, where I spoke to the friend of Ms. Tisdell, subsequently identified as XXXX. Ms. XXXX stated to me as follows: this evening, Ms. Tisdell had come over to the apartment where the two were going to have dinner and were drinking wine. Ms. Tisdell then began to argue with Ms. XXXX because she wanted to invite friends over to the apartment of Ms. XXXX. Ms. XXXX stated that she didn’t want anybody else over because she had a seven month old baby there. Ms. Tisdell continued to insist on inviting people there because she wanted to use cocaine. After numerous times of insisting on inviting people over, Ms. XXXX stated too Ms. Tisdell that it was time for her to leave. This angered Ms. Tisdell and she stated that she wasn’t going to leave. Ms. XXXX then attempted to guide Ms. Tisdell outside of her apartment. Ms. Tisdell then picked up a glass of wine and threw it in the direction of Ms. XXXX, possibly striking her. Ms. Tisdell then took the cell phone of Ms. XXXX and threw it in the kitchen sink. Ms. Tisdell then grabbed a large kitchen knife from the kitchen sink and approached Ms. XXXX in a manner where Ms. XXXX feared for her safety and the safety of her child. Ms. XXXX then slapped the knife out of Ms. Tisdell’s hand and the two began to wrestle to the floor. Ms. Tisdell was able to get up and then went into the room where the infant was laying. This is when Ms. XXXX ran into the hall way and yelled out “call the police” to an unknown individual who was walking in the hallway. Ms. XXXX was then able to push Ms. Tisdell out of her apartment and threw her belongings into the hallway.

Ms. XXXX had minor scrapes on her wrists that she stated she sustained from when she was attempting to get Ms. Tisdell out of her apartment. Ms. XXXX refused any medical attention. I’d like to note that Ms. XXXX stated that her infant was located in the bedroom during the incident and the infant appeared to be in a safe enviorment.

Ms. Tisdell was placed under arrest (handcuffs double locked) and charged with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon. Ms. Tisdell was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Edna DaCosta and booked by Lieutenant Gerard Rymill.
I’d like to note that the kitchen knife was confiscated and will be tagged and placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer James Torres
Badge #329

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