Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Williyah YOUNG (Disorderly, Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest, Removal Theft Det. Dev.) at Assembly Row

On March 19, 2019, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to full uniform patrol of Assembly Row. At 6:08pm, I was dispatched, along with Officer Chris Fusco (East 1), to Kmart for two shoplifters. While responding, I was updated that the female suspects were fleeing from loss prevention toward Burlington Coat factory. I was flagged down in the parking lot by loss prevention associate XXXX, who pointed to a black female walking through the parking lot. I pulled my marked cruiser up and announced “Police, stop right there”. The suspect ignored my command and continued to flee through the parking lot. I was able to intersect her flight path in the parking lot in front of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Upon exiting my cruiser, I ordered the female, later identified as Williyah Young, to turn around and place her hands behind her back. She refused, and began to back away from me. I was able to reach out and grab her by the arm, and she began to pull away and attempted to flee again. While attempting to take her into custody, I stumbled to the ground, but was able to regain my balance. While attempting to control her, Young began to flail and slip from my grip again, all while ignoring my verbal commands. I then took the female to the ground in the mulch bed of the parking lot, where Young continued to resist giving me both of her hands. While attempting to handcuff her, she screamed to have passerby’s call her mother. I was able to finally place her in handcuffs. Before requesting the prisoner transport wagon, I attempted to obtain her age. Her only response was to insult me numerous times calling me a “nigger”. She continued to threaten to spit on me if I did not let her go. During her escapades, the shopping mall was busy with vehicle and pedestrian traffic. I could observe, in close proximity, dozens of citizens gathering to watch the commotion. Young was instructed numerous time to cease screaming, but refused and continued on with a vulgar rant. Officer Anaya responded in the prisoner transport vehicle (Unit 200) and transported the Young to the station. During a search of her property, I located a box cutter commonly used by shoplifters to defeat theft detection devices. I seized this and tagged it into evidence.

XXXX informed me that he had located $53.12 worth of merchandise confirmed stolen, including a bottle of Advil located in Young’s purse. Young is suspected of stealing much more, however these items were discarded inside Burlington Coat Factory during her flight. At this time, we are awaiting access to Burlington Coat Factory’s surveillance system in order to locate the other remaining stolen items. Kmart preserved video of the theft.

Young was booked by Lt. W. Rymill for Shoplifting by concealment, Disorderly conduct, Resisting arrest, and Possession of a theft removal device.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand

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