Somerville Speakup Line:FBI Boston Has Egg on Face With Zero Credibility

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,


The only way for the FBI Boston to recover any integrity left at all from all these allegations is to step up to the plate to regain any trust from the public by:

1) Getting rid of the loan-a-cop’s federal gig and put him back on a foot beat in Somerville writing parking tickets.

2) The FBI have to either finally announce that there is a formal investigation ongoing and/or make an arrest to save face and hopefully that arrest will take place with the guy in the corner office.

Bravo, Job Well Done Bill

3 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:FBI Boston Has Egg on Face With Zero Credibility”

  1. The Somerville police dept., like many police depts. have officers assigned to several federal police task forces. This partnerships goes back many years and has many reasons that it works. Over the years officers are assigned in 5 year terms, however some assignment may be shorter or longer depending on the situation. The author of this speak up article should have done even a little inquiry. There hasn’t been a foot patrol in Somerville for many years, except community policing but those officers through their seniority bid their jobs and usually stay for many years. So removing him/her from that job and putting on a foot patrol to write tickets is both ludicrous and not something that’s ever going to happen. The author of the speak out has every right to be upset but he should get his facts straight.

  2. You are correct how do you know I’m a retired police officer, you don’t anonymous, you refused to use any identity just like the speak up didn’t identify himself or herself. I chose to identify myself as what I am. So I challenge you Don’t believe me. Call the police station ask for administration, and ask this question. Can a police officer be pulled from a federal assignment given a book of tickets and ordered to go out and write. You probably don’t have the stones to do it. The answer will be no. I grew up in Somerville we call people like you a Gavone that’s street lingo for Idiot.

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