Somerville Speakup Line:Congrats to SPD Captain Cotter Retirement Who is Set for Jan 29th/Coming Back February 1st as Chief’s 2nd Aid? Seriously?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I find it absolutely amazing that Somerville Police Department’s Captain Cotter has scheduled his retirement for a second time (first time allegedly was last year but mysteriously withdrew the paperwork) and who was just allegedly ordered back to work immediately after an alleged bogus claim that he bumped his elbow into a file cabinet, is set to retire from the Somerville Police Department on this coming January 29th.

And coincidentally isn’t Somerville Police Captain Cotter also allegedly involved in many cover up cases in Somerville and being investigated by the Federal Bureau Investigation as well?

So please tell me how it is possible that I heard through the station’s grapevines that he’s being allowed to come back to work at the police station again as the 2nd assistant to the chief to assist the 1st assistant of the chief recently retired Somerville Police Deputy Paul Trant who recently came back immediately after his retirement well to quickly filled that newly formed 1st assistant part time whopping $85,000 a year plus for that slot?

We are hoping that voters will take note as they see this and seriously remember this come election time that you all just got duped again.

Only in Somerville and its enough to make you sick,

Tom the Somerville Taxpayer

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