Retired Somerville Police Officer Nicholas Stiles Suffers Major Heart Attack

By William Tauro


Nicholas Stiles’s condition is improving everyday and he sends his best regards to all as he and his family begin their long journey with his recovery.


This past week retired former Ward 1 Community Somerville Police Officer Nicholas Stiles suffered a major heart attack in Florida.

Stiles suffered the medical emergency on a Florida beach where his aorta shredded and was transported to the Bethesda Hospital East located Boynton Beach, Florida where then later transported by medical helicopter to the JFK Medical Center that’s located in Lakewood Florida where he underwent eight hours of heart surgery where Stiles remains in stable condition.

A shredded aorta means that the main artery of the body, supplying oxygenated blood to the circulatory system. In humans it passes over the heart from the left ventricle and runs down in front of the backbone.

Former Ward 1 Alderman Bill Roche said in an interview that “ Officer Nicholas Stiles did a great job as the Ward 1 community police officer and that everybody knows and respected him in the community as well as somebody that everyone trusted and that he wishes him well and a speedy recovery!”

Officer Stiles is expected to recover and is expected to receive 6-8 weeks of recovery period.

Officer Stiles was honored in 2010 regarding his efforts in enriching the quality of life for the residents of the City of Somerville then later retired from the Somerville Police Department in 2013.

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