Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Sophie DOUGLAS (Resisting, Disorderly, A&B PO)

On the evening of September 29, 2018, while in uniform, I, Ofc. Moreira, along with my partner Ofc. Lorenti were assigned to marked unit East-3. At 9:42 PM, I was dispatched, along with East-1, Ofc. Van Nostrand, and Ofc. Cleary to 1xx Highland Ave, (XXXX) for a report of 4 unwanted parties.

Upon arrival, I was met by the reporting party, XXXX, who immediately pointed us to the defendant later identified as Sophie DOUGLAS. Upon approaching we could hear DOUGLAS screaming at customers in her general vicinity.

We asked DOUGLAS and the rest of her party to step outside so we could discuss the disagreement she was expressing. DOUGLAS refused to leave. After myself and Ofc. Lorenti repeatedly asked DOUGLAS and her party to leave she continued to scream that she was not leaving until she was served. She was also screaming that all cops are racist pigs and we were asking her to leaving only because she was black. Again we asked DOUGLAS to leave quietly because the manager did not want her or her guests there any longer.

DOUGLAS continued to ignore our request and upon the arrival of Ofc. Cleary and Ofc. Van Nostrand we attempted to escort her out of the establishment. Ofc. Lorenti escorted DOUGLAS to the front door where she held the sides of the door frame, attempting to stop her from exiting the establishment.

While outside we asked DOUGLAS to relax and released her from the escort position. Immediately after releasing her, she went to the front window of XXXX and began punching it, screaming at the patrons on the other side calling them racist.

At this point we attempted to place DOUGLAS in handcuffs. She pulled her hands away repeatedly and continued to scream, causing many cars to stop in traffic and pedestrians to stop walking to see what was taking place. DOUGLAS then screamed that all we do is shoot black people and said why don’t we just shoot her. Once handcuffed DOUGLAS was escorted to ground by me and Ofc. Lorenti because she was spitting on all officers around her. I told DOUGLAS to calm down and she again attempted to spit at all the officers claiming, it was her right to spit at whoever she wanted. She also began kicking her legs attempting to kick myself and Ofc. Lorenti.

DOUGLAS was offered medical treatment to which she denied. It was at this point I placed DOUGLAS under arrest for the charges of c. 272/ s. 53 Disorderly Conduct, c. 268 / s. 32B, Resisting arrest, and c. 265/ s. 13D, A&B on a Police Officer.

DOUGLAS was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Ofc. McNally, and booked by Lieutenant Lavey in accordance with department policy. A written statement by both Ms. Angelique Murillo and Mr. Morgan Bigley is attached to this report.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ofc. Nick Moreira #350

Somerville Police Department

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