Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Seshasayanan PRATAP (Bicycle Violator Refuse to ID Self, Bicycle Violation)

While in uniform and on a police bicycle, I was performing traffic duties at the corner of Beacon Street and Somerville Avenue. At 0912, I observed Mr. Seshasayanan Pratap ride through a red light at the corner of Somerville Avenue and Mossland Street, both public ways in the City of Somerville. I stopped Mr. Pratap, told him why I had stopped him, and asked him for identification. Mr. Pratap told me that he didn’t have ID with him, so I asked him if he possessed a Massachusetts driver’s license, and he told me that he did — but that he didn’t have it with him.

While we stood there and spoke, he pointed out another bicyclist who had run a red light, and asked if I was going to stop him, too. I told Mr. Pratap that I could not stop every bicyclist. He also explained that the reason he did not stop at the red light was that it was safer for him. I pointed out the competing interests of pedestrians in crosswalks.

I asked Mr. Pratap if he would step up onto the sidewalk, and proceeded to write out a citation. I carefully took down his information, asking him to spell his name letter-by-letter. He told me that his name was XXXX and that his DOB was xxxx. After I finished writing the citation, I asked him to look at it to verify that all information on it was correct. He assured me that it was even after I told him that false information was arrestable. As one final check, I asked him how old he was, and he wasn’t able to answer me. I called in to Dispatch to run his identify via CJIS, and then I called for backup.

I asked Mr. Pratap, again, if he had given me correct information, and he admitted that he hadn’t. I asked him to produce identification, and he handed me his driver’s license. At this point, he was placed in handcuffs, and transported to the Station. His bicycle was transported along with him.

Respectfully submitted,

Deputy Carrabino

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  1. While we are at it, why not charge bicycle owners for parking? Since they are taking away automobile parking spaces, it’s only fair.

    1. I think it’s better to be unfair.

      Especially if the unfairness is beneficial to more people, and moves society in a preferable direction.

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