6th Annual Somerville Toy Camera Festival ‪September 6-October 13, 2018‬

in 3 locations:Nave Gallery, Brickbottom Gallery, Washington St. Gallery

(Somerville, MA) Since 2013, the Somerville Toy Camera Festival (STCF) has celebrated the quirky and creative results that can happen when photographers are compelled to loosen their controls, submit to the light, and embrace the accidental. Each year since, the Festival jurors have selected work from a wide range of toy camera photographers, both US and international, who will exhibit their work in simultaneous gallery shows throughout Somerville. STCF also features related programming, including artist talks, panel discussions, workshops, social events and a darkroom day.

The sixth annual STCF will run from September 6-October 13, with work displayed at Brickbottom GalleryNave Gallery, and Washington Street Art Gallery, making it among the largest toy camera festivals in the world. Showcasing the lo-fi art work of local, national and international photographers, STCF highlights the talents and creativity of artists who use low tech tools to create high art images.

This year’s STCF has been juried by fine art photographer Jennifer Shaw. The exhibit “Space In Between,” held at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, will specifically showcase Shaw’s work. “Space In Between” will coincide with the Festival’s time-frame, running from September 11-October 5. The Photographic Resource Center in Cambridge will also be taking part in highlighting STCF, hosting several related events during the Festival’s run.

For up to date information on STCF, visit www.somervilletoycamera.org. The list of artists selected for this year’s Festival can be found at www.somervilletoycamera.org/2018-selected-artists. This year there are a total of 70 artists, from within and outside the US.

Details for each participating gallery are as follows:

Brickbottom Gallery

1 Fitchburg Street
Somerville 02143
STCF: featuring 31 artists, totaling 53 images on display.
STCF Brickbottom opening reception: Sat., Sept 8, 5-7 pm.
STCF Brickbottom exhibition dates: Sept. 6-Oct. 13.
Regular gallery hours: Thurs.-Sat., 12-5 pm.
brickbottom.org, brickbottomartist@rcn.com, 617-776-3410

Nave Gallery
155 Powderhouse Boulevard
Somerville 02144

STCF: featuring 24 artists, totaling 49 images on display.

STCF Nave opening reception: Sun., Sept. 9, 3-5 pm.

STCF Nave exhibition dates: Sept. 8-30.
Regular gallery hours: Sat. & Sun., 1-5 pm.
navegallery.org/wp/, info@navegallery.org, 617-629-2006

Washington Street Art Gallery
321 Washington Street
Somerville 02143

STCF: featuring 15 artists, totaling 25 images on display.

STCF Washington St. opening reception: Sat., Sept. 8, 7-9 pm.

STCF Washington St. exhibition dates: Sept. 8-30.

Regular gallery hours: Sat., 12-4 pm.

www.washingtonst.org, gallery@washingtonst.org, (617) 623-5315

Along with:
Griffin Museum of Photography
67 Shore Road
Winchester 01890
“The Space Between” gallery talk with fine art photographer Jennifer Shaw:
Sun., Sept. 16, 4-5:30 pm, followed by opening reception from 5:30-7:30 pm.
“The Space Between” exhibition dates: Sept. 11-Oct. 5.

Regular gallery hours: Tues.-Sun., noon-4 pm.

griffinmuseum.org, photos@griffinmuseum.org, 781-729-1158

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