Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Ludger VEER (Poss B, Fail to Stop/Yield) and Michele ALFIERI (Possess A & B; Malden, Boston & Framingham Warrant) and

On 05/30/2018, I Officer Thomas Lambert was in full uniform while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 8am-4pm shift along with my partner Officer Devin Schneider. At approximately 11:20am I witnessed a silver ford fusion MA reg xxxx drive through a solid red light at the intersection of McGrath HWY and Broadway while traveling northbound on McGrath HWY. McGrath HWY is a public way in the city of Somerville. I initiated a motor vehicle stop using my blue lights and sirens stopping the vehicle on McGrath HWY and the side of the Somerville district court house.

I approached the operator, notifying him of the red light violation and observed there was a female passenger in the front right seat. The operator was identified as Ludger Veer. I then walked back to my cruiser and Officer Schneider alerted me that he observed a large amount of drug paraphernalia in plain view. Refer to Officer Schneider’s supplemental report for details of his observation. We then ordered the occupants to step out of the vehicle in order to conduct a search. The female complied and Mr. Veer refused. Due to Mr. Veer’s uncooperativeness we called for additional units.  A-1 Officer Courtney Reece, T-9 Officer Samir Messouadi and East-4 Officer Kevin Goulart arrived on scene a short time later. Mr. Veer was then asked several times to step out of the vehicle and did not comply. Officer Schneider then reached inside the passenger door and took the keys out of the ignition. Mr. Veer was then asked again to step out of the vehicle and reused to do so. Officer Schneider and I then used minimal force to remove Mr. Veer from the vehicle, placing him on the curb away from traffic.

Officer Schneider and I then searched the vehicle. Officer Schneider, while searching the center console found a small altoids-like tin container. Inside the container was a white rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine based on the Officers combined training and experience. Officer Schneider then went over to Mr. Veer and read him his Miranda rights from a pre-printed card. Mr. Veer stated he understood his rights and did not wish to speak with us. I then placed Mr. Veer under arrest, handcuffing him in a manner consistent with my training double locking them checking for tightness. Officer Messouadi was trying to identify the female passenger, who first identified herself as XXXXX (dob xxxx). When Officer Messouadi asked how old she was she stated she was 36yrs old, which did not match the information she gave to him. The female passenger then said her name was YYYY (dob yyyy). While searching the vehicle we discovered her true identification which was Michele Alfieri (dob xxxx). After conducting a query of her name in the CJIS web database I learned that she had 4 active arrest warrants. Officer Messouadi then placed Mrs. Alfieri in handcuffs in a manner consistent with his training.

Officer Reece was performing a search incident to arrest on Michele Alfieri and felt objects in her bra by her right breast. Officer Reece then asked her what the objects were, Mrs. Alfieri stated it was crack cocaine and heroin. Officer Reece then removed a glassine bag with brown powdery substance and a green plastic container containing a white rocky substance. Both Mr. Veer and Mrs. Alfieri were transported back to the station by prisoner transport unit 200 Officer Justin Buswell, where both individuals were booked in the usual manner by Lt Rymill. Mr. Veers vehicle was then towed by pats back to the station to be searched. Officer Schneider and I then searched the vehicle where we found more paraphernalia consistent with illicit drug use.

I then transported the drugs back to the station where they were entered into evidence in the usual manner. Pictures of the paraphernalia and drugs will be attached to this report.

Mr. Veer was issued citation #T0701677 and citation #T0701676. I will be seeking a criminal complaint against Mr. Veer for the following charges:

ch 94c s34 possession of class b drug

ch 89 s9 failure to stop at a red light

common law violation: interfering with a police officer

I will be seeking a criminal complaint against Mrs. Alfieri for the following charges:

ch 94c s34 posession of class b drug

ch 94c s34 posession of class a drug

common law violation: interfering with a police officer

Respectfully submitted

Officer Thomas Lambert Badge 347

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