Katjana Ballantyne President, Board of Aldermen Alderman Ward 7,Somerville :Right of Way (ROW) Construction Wpdate Week of ‪7 May 2018‬

Here is the ROW for next week from the Somerville Director of

Engineering. —

Welcome back to your weekly Right-of-Way construction update email.

Attached you will find contractor’s reports of planned construction

activities for the week of 7 May 2018 and a reference map illustrating

impacted areas. Major activities include:

Cedar Street Sewer Separation – P. Gioioso & Sons

·         Highland Avenue detour has ended as of today! Thank you to

everyone for helping us with this, especially to all the city staff who

personally patronized local businesses!

·         Various final adjustments and repairs to subsurface utilities

on Cedar Street between Elm Street and Highland Avenue requiring

temporary closures of Cedar Street in preparation for final streetscape


·         Startup of final streetscape work including full-width

excavation of road and sidewalks in Cedar Street between Elm and Summer

Streets requiring closure of that segment to through traffic pending

completion of work above.

Beacon Street Road Reconstruction – MassDOT and Newport Construction

·         Miscellaneous sidewalk construction on Beacon Street between

Roseland Street and Oxford Street requiring parking restrictions.

·         Full depth roadway sub-paving on Beacon Street between

Washington and Buckingham Streets requiring parking restrictions and

alternating traffic.

·         Full depth roadway excavation on Beacon Street between

Buckingham and Dickinson Streets requiring parking restrictions and

alternating traffic.

Pavement Management Program – D&R Paving

·         Sidewalk construction on Cedar Street between Broadway and

Morrison Avenue requiring parking restrictions and intermittent,

temporary stoppage of traffic.

·         Reconstruction and repair of sidewalk panels and wheelchair

ramps at various locations previously constructed in 2016 and 2017

(achieving ADA compliance is difficult in our hilly, congested city,

particularly under various weather conditions, so some re-work is to be


Gas Main Replacement – Eversource

·         Eversource gas main replacement in Union Square including the

Plaza and Sanborn Court requiring parking and traffic restrictions.

·         Eversource gas main and service connection replacements on

Powder House Blvd between Curtis Street and Alewife Brook Parkway

requiring parking and traffic restrictions.

·         Eversource gas main replacement on Oak Street between

Houghton and Prospect Streets requiring parking restrictions and road

closure to non-abutters. Note that Eversource work on Oak Street will

not start until D&R Paving is complete with Bolton Street.

·         Eversource gas main replacement on Francesca Avenue between

College and Liberty Avenues requiring parking restrictions and road

closure to non-abutters.

·         Eversource gas main replacement on Meacham Road between Buena

Vista Avenue and the Cambridge city line requiring parking restrictions

and road closure to non-abutters.

Gas Main Replacement – National Grid

·         National Grid gas main replacement on Grant Street between

Broadway and Jaques Street requiring parking restrictions and road

closure to non-abutters.

Somerville Avenue Utility and Streetscape Improvements – Barletta Heavy


·         Excavation of test pits in the areas of the Plaza, Bow Street

and Stone Avenue requiring parking and traffic restrictions.

Gore Street Cambridge Sewer – J. Derenzo

·         Relocation of water main in Medford Street between South

Street and the Cambridge city line requiring water shutoffs, parking

restrictions, and one-way alternating traffic.

All contractors have been made aware of our busy weekend events

calendar, including Open Studios this weekend, PorchFest next weekend,

and the Memorial Day parade the weekend following. We have set the

expectation that all construction sites must be made safe over the

weekends and that on-street storage of equipment and materials must

remain at a minimum.

While not construction, everyone should be aware that the Sewer

Department with a consultant and a specialty contractor will be

conducting investigations of the sewer system as part of our ongoing

efforts to assess and improve the condition of our aging pipeline

infrastructure. This year’s investigations will be in the area bound by

Teele Square, Davis Square and Tufts. Next week, they will be conducting

nighttime investigations to estimate how much groundwater enters the

system. Starting next week and lasting a little over a month, they will

also be performing TV inspections of the sewers during the daytime.

These investigations will not create significant impacts, but parking

restrictions and temporary traffic impacts can be expected.

Also, the Engineering Department is very pleased to welcome Jesse Moos

who as of this week is filling our newly created Construction Liaison

and Compliance Manager role. Most if not all of you know Jesse from his

previous stints in ISD and 311, or simply from being one of Somerville’s

more ubiquitously known residents. If you foresee or encounter any

issues with construction activities, please contact Jesse at

617.625.6600 x5419 or the main Engineering Department line at x5400.

As always, thanks for your attention and support as we build a better



Richard E. Raiche, PE, PMP

Director of Engineering

City of Somerville

1 Franey Road, Somerville, MA 02145

o: 617.625.6600 x5410

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