Somerville Speakup Line: Some Questions for Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 Alderman, Somerville by Bruce B.Cohen

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Here are some questions for Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 Alderman, Somerville by Bruce B.Cohen

How many jobs have you created in Ward 5 since you have been elected to office.

What have you done to alleviate the high real estate taxes in the city?

Please list your areas of expertise in community redevelopment, experience education etc.

What expertise do you have and zoning other than being a self proclaimed zoning geek?

What have you done to aid many of the Ward 5 financially hard Pressed seniors?

What have you done to support SCOA (Somerville Council on Aging)?

You supported the city lawsuit against Wynn-Boston. The city spent over $500,000 on outside counsel. The results were a sad joke weren’t the city staff counsel is adequate?

You your responses to local situations is inadequate. The deplorable conditions in the CHA 112 Central parking lot and the length of time to renovtthe Hoyt-Sullivan playground is ludicrous. The Empire State building was constructed in less than a year.

Do you support an outside audit of all city apartments by a reputable accounting firm?

Why didn’t you and your cohorts send notice via email to all potentially affected property owners? After all you are very effective in rendering tax bills?

Awaiting you are non-political BS answers!

Bruce B. Cohen

3 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Some Questions for Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 Alderman, Somerville by Bruce B.Cohen”

  1. You forgot to ask whether his rental property units are affordable? Why he uses photos of dead people in his campaign literature? Why he accepts endorsements from people who make homophobic jokes? Why he threatened teachers into placing yard signs at their home? Why the SPD makes bank on grants but brought in nothing when he worked there under the Capuano administration?

  2. Looking for more revenue? Tax people who are operating their ‘residential’ properties as a business. Right, Mark? These apartments and rooms being sold as overnight accommodations, are not zoned for that purpose. Where are the fines??? They should be permitted (more revenue), inspected (more fines), and taxed (more revenue). Speaking of fines, the city should increase fines, and increase them greatly, for repeated offenses. There was a slumlord running a 3 family, constant issues with his tenants, trash always all over the place, and the city officials basically had to oversee his property. The fines are not enough to disuade scofflaws like this, and the taxpayers are sucking up the expenses. Constant offenders deserve to pay for their negligence and negative effects on their communities. Increase fines for the repeated offenses of the same nature. Stop taxing the bedrock good property owners for those absentee landlords who don’t care one whit about what’s going on in their properties and don’t even want to know. Small fines don’t even register. Substantial fines are in order and will improve the quality of life for other residents that live near to these properties.

  3. I would like to ask: which alder people own and rent to middle and low income people? If they are not doing so – how on earth can they try to make laws to change things?

    I suggest that some of the alder people salaries be invested in rental properties. Then they can decide how affordable they will rent their units. And we can decide if we will support them in their re-election bids according to what they set their rents at.

    Has there been any discussion of how to lower residential property taxes? I doubt it.

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