A Message From Katherine Cremin: There Will Be Justice For Deanna Cremin, I Promise!

By Katherine Cremin

On this day. The heartbreak is beyond words. I had an appointment today which took me to the MBTA for transportation. I vividly recalled this day 23 years ago when I was taking the train home from work not knowing what to expect when I got there but scared out of my wits.

Somehow a nun was beside me on the train and reached out to me and helped me to pray. I don’t know what I was praying for, I just know she may have saved me from losing my mind. I recall every second of that day. My Christine also saved me from losing my mind. She was my strength when I walked through the door to my home and her aunt told me Deanna was dead. I did not know what to do. I did not know anything. I felt like I was not even present.

People, friends and family started to come over and I remember all Christine’s friends being in her bedroom wondering who could have murdered Deanna.

Losing my daughter and learning how she was murdered was too difficult to believe and or understand. I could not process it at that time. As the day went on Deanna’s aunt Kathleen came over and I knew she could identify with me. I found strength from her. Thank you Kathy. In case you never knew it, that is true.

It was when my brother came that I knew I was horrified. He is a Vietnam Veteran. I will never forget talking with him and feeling literally like the floor under my feet was falling and I was falling with it. His presence also helped to save me from losing my mind. I am so thankful to all the people who came to my house to be there for me and for my family.

Now here it is 23 years later. You know how I feel. I am going to solve this murder and I am going to do it soon. The person who murdered my daughter Deanna also severely damaged my family. In ways that cannot be explained on here.

He did not destroy me. He came close. Today I am a force to be reckoned with. I believe I can get him, and get him without violence if he is lucky enough for that not to happen. I saved him once. I won’t do it again.

I just felt I would share these thoughts today. I hope that every member of this group knows how grateful I am for their love and kindness and continuous support over the years. There are a few people who lack compassion and have been unkind and bottom line undignified and disgusting. But that is on them. Shame on them.

I will end it like this. I have my grief and my heartbreak tucked away in a safe place. In my heart I have more strength than you can imagine. I am so thankful for your kindness.

There will be Justice for Deanna Cremin. I promise.

6 thoughts on “A Message From Katherine Cremin: There Will Be Justice For Deanna Cremin, I Promise!”

  1. Hi Katherine Cremin I talked to you at Stop&shop Tuesday 01/24/23 about a show called Cold Justice check on demand it might be still on I didn’t check. Justice for Deanna Cremin

  2. We all know her boyfriend did it.. Hopefully one day he can be a man enough to admit it.. I just don’t like how everyone pretends like they don’t know it’s him..

  3. My prayers are with you and hope you and your family do find out soon who did this awful thing

  4. Dear Katherine,

    Words can never express the heartfelt sympathy we locals have felt for you and your family since the day you lost your precious daughter, Deanna.

    I recall the day as well because my children were close to Deanna’s age, just young teenagers. The shock and distress to learn this happened in our close knit community to a young girl was so difficult to accept. We continue to prayi for justice with you. The mean spirited individuals have no capacity for true love or compassion. They will one day be devoured by their own hateful misery.

    You are one of the strongest local women in our community and one to be greatly admired for her perseverance throughout the great loss you endure.

    My prayers are with you and your family now and for always.


    Judy Locchi Jacobs

  5. I can’t pretend to the devastation of having a daughter murdered. Prayers to your family. Justice is long overdue and I hope an arrest is iminent.

  6. I just read your letter mrs Cremona,i am so sorry for the lost of your beautiful daughter Deanna, I just hope they find out who did this to her. God bless your family on this day. Happy blessed Easter to your family. RIP Deanna, 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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