8 thoughts on “Bad for Somerville-Just Say NO To the Transfer Tax Fee and First Right of Refusal”

  1. rents will have to go up to cover ever increasing property taxes, water and sewer bills, insurance bills. And now they want another tax? If its a rental there is capital gains taxes paid on the sale. plus income taxes on the rents. For the landlords who have a heart and do not increase rents – its difficult when operating expenses increase.
    The rules and regulations are turning the city into a highER rent area.
    Lastly – everyone should be funding it and not just a select few. Are the alderpeople afraid to say that it should be ALL funding it?

  2. Holy Cow! They want to add a sales tax on homes. Regardless of who pays it, will negatively effect Somerville home values and so is a tax on home owners. They want to use that home sales tax to help people who make up to 150% of the Boston median income of $110K – That means they want to help people who make around twice as much as most Somerville home owners.

    This is a a reverse Robin Hood, robbing the poor to house the well to do.

  3. Please note, I don’t like what developers have done here, but values have risen, whether we like it or not. My family lived in Somerville because that’s where we could afford to live. No one I know and respect would dream of having someone else paying taxes so that we could have lived in a town that can’t afford on their own earnings.

  4. I don’t believe we can solve income and opportunity inequality at the local level. These are national problems for which we already pay huge taxes for better funded department to solve. Taxing property transfers will only hurt property values, and Somerville home owners. Developers will move on to Chelsea and East Boston and leave Somerville in the dust. This will mark the end of “Somerville’s Hot Real Estate Market”.

  5. you all get 5-10% returns year of year on your house’s value, and you can’t even pay a single 1 time tax of 1% to help out low income citizens. absolutely disgusting.

    1. Really Sean? You know nothing about what people give for those who are less unfortunate but it needs to be their choice not forced down our throat by the government. Just another example of Democrats wanting to take from those who work very hard for what they have and give it to someone willing to sit around and do nothing and get something for free. Why don’t you ask the government to stop giving themselves raises and to rethink all their choices of what they decide to do with tax money we already pay?

  6. They are hot off the press.

    Coming to a house near you!

    Thank you for all the support against an unfair tax on property owners. Contact your Alderman.and Mayor tell them NO!

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