Proposed Zoning Overhaul Public Hearing – come and let City Administration & Aldermen know what you think of the

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When:     Tue., Mar. 13, 6pm —CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW STORM!

Location: Somerville City Hall, Aldermanic Chambers

Kind regards,

Katjana Ballantyne

Alderman Ward 7, Somerville

President, Board of Aldermen




-Housing & Community Development

-Legislative Matters

-Open Space, Environment & Energy

-Youth Services

2 thoughts on “THIS MEETING IS CANCELLED AND WILL BE RESCHEDULED: Proposed Zoning Overhaul Public Hearing”

  1. The verdict on this and Right-of-first-refusal is still being deliberated.

    It’s seems to suggest that they are against the local families and elderly who want to remain in their homes.

    They claim there is a housing shortage, yet they never held developers accountable to their long list of abuses including building luxury housing across the city by stealth.

    If you look around the city, you will lots of condos being wedge between existing 2-3 family homes, and some hidden in pockets off main roads where the general population doesn’t notice.

    Others have also built second homes behind the first and use it as a bed and breakfast.

    There are a lot of strange things going on and continue to go under the radar, zero transparency at meetings.

    We residents should not be subjected to their 3-4 hours of redundancy and debates, they should get to the point and let residents weigh in.

    No offense to those who are worthy of awards—

    But can we please have their award ceremonies at recreational events and other times with family and friends?

    They do this at the beginning of a lot of meetings, handing out citations of long service— newly hired workers. That’s grand, congratulations to all but seriously, with so much going on with our city right now, let’s have 2 hour work meetings and make decisions collaboratively with resident and taxpayer, and tenant, property owners input.

    Otherwise— they are resorting to the old ways, where residents time is wasted, nightly meetings are unproductive and everyone in the community should have a say in how these policies, bills, bylaws, ordinances and especially Zoning Overhaul deeply effects their life and future in a detrimental way.

    Inviting developers, city hall insiders, committee members, those with vested interests— wealthy property owners who don’t live in our city should not be making these decisions.

    One person demanded to know why Ward 6 and 7 are being down zoned.

    What is their agenda to make such a comment? This person holds a position within the city. Maybe someone should let them know that Tufts has an agenda with 6&7 and we have our own issues up here.

    Come out behind the curtains and share with everyone your full name, address, voter status and who you work for, then we will all see the truth about where our city is headed.

    Until then, it’s up to the new BOA to included everyone’s opinion and make decisions which benefit those who need it the most— struggling homeowners, renters, families and especially our disabled and elderly.

  2. Judy,

    I concur with you regarding the meetings and the way the city handles them. My neighborhood experienced it first hand with the Arts at the Armory.

    We attended hours upon hours of meetings with Alderman,, city staff at the Zoning Board, licensing Commission along with some of the property investors who bull their way through it all. Painting a great picture of something that ends up to be worse than it began.

    Their objective is to run you down to the ground and hope that you give in. The most important thing We took away from that issue was to pick your fights and go strong and hard at the ones that are most important and keep at it.

    For us the acquisition of the Armory could have been stopped dead in its tracks at the first meeting. But being good neighbors we decided to give the project a chance listening to many good people in our community.

    The shenanigans that has occured since then has not stopped and they continue to have the support by many city officials no matter what.

    As we found much of what is done is always decided prior to the residents, taxpayers, homeowners knowing the facts. Preventing us from being heard and listened to in a fair manner. Take a look at the BOA their request to have their own Attorney. To think they are having trust issues and they are at the helm of our city.

    That being said how appalling it is when you do attend a meeting and you are allowed two minutes to carry a message that has importance since it directly affects your quality of life, your finances and your personal matters such as owning and managing your home.

    Keep the messages coming so everyone can see through the snow globe.

    John L. Sullivan

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