Letter From The Editor:Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang’s Response to Proposed Real Estate Transfer Fee

Why should those of us who were fortunate enough, through no effort of our own, to have our properties appreciate in value many times more than we ever dreamed possible, due to what the entire community has done to change Somerville for the better, not share a teeny portion (1%) of the incredible, unearned additional wealth we have received here in Somerville, so that working people can stay here and continue to live here? The transfer fee proceeds are necessary for City workers, teachers, social workers, middle class people to get the subsidy they need to buy even a condo in Somerville now. Do you want Somerville in 20 years to be mostly rich people? Quite simply the alternative to raising large amounts of money to support affordable housing, and especially to take housing out of the private for-profit market, is a Somerville where most people are highly-paid professionals or independently wealthy. No artists, teachers, tradespeople (except maybe plumbers and electricians), social workers, small business owners, etc. Is that the kind of community you want, with only rich people living here?

Mark Niedergang

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Ward 5 Mark Niedergang’s Original Posting on the 1% Transfer Tax Fee:

Thursday, Feb 1, 6 PM in the Aldermen’s Chambers City Hall, the BOA Committee on Legislative Matters of the Whole meet to deliberate on three important issues: (1) Proposed revision of the demolition review ordinance which would require, among other things, a delay of 24 months (instead of the current 9) for demolition of historic residences; (2) a Home Rule Petition to the State Legislature to allow Somerville to impose a 1% Real Estate Transfer Fee on all real estate transactions to raise between $6-8 million A YEAR for affordable housing; and (3) a Community Benefits Ordinance and recognition of the Union Square Neighborhood Council and related issues. It will be a long meeting! Lots of challenging issues to work through. You can see the agenda and the accompanying documents at:http://somervillecityma.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=2579

19 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor:Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang’s Response to Proposed Real Estate Transfer Fee”

  1. Maybe it would be nice if the voters in this city could actually vote on it them selves rather than being told we are getting stuck with this (TAX)! Seems like once in a while we should have the right to decide ourselves for a change.

    1. That’s how they got the new high school project to pass. It got added to the ballot as a referendum during the most voted election—presidential! They also saturated the city with signs. That’s why taxpayers are so outraged. It’s not a democratic system but a corporatocracy run by monied liberals that is being intentionally mismanaged by our local politicians. That’s why local residents can’t fight back. They have silent partners who never reveal themselves backing their every move and an army of lawyers to ensure their success.

    1. Hey Frank….

      Don’t be a party crasher…. who else but the hardworking indentured servants of locals will be forced to pay for the transient students who benefit from porch, beer, and honk festivals…. don’t forget those water slides!

      I wonder if they’re handing out flat screens and movie tickets? Somerville Time Share anyone? Step right up, you too can be a millionaire overnight. Is it true what they say about who’s cornered the market construction and real estate? All that is needed is an overpriced suit and tie to match the overvalued homes.

      We’ve be forced to carry the torch for the parents of these orphans who’ve been dumped on our lawns and streets. Tufts campus is too small- they need Ward 6&7 to expand.

      My best to Linda. Good seeing you at the yard sale.. (wink-wink)

    1. John, they avoid public participation at all costs. They should just get rid of the podium altogether. It’s collecting too much dust.

      Welcome to the Corporatocracy of Somerville poorly managed by their goon squad of inept, insecure failures who couldn’t make it anywhere else.

      Let’s pray the new members of the BOA can turn this around as promised.

  2. The assessed value of my home has literally tripled in 19 years vastly raising my property tax while real income has fallen. I am already paying a ton in tax to the city of Somerville. You Niedermeyer should get his facts straight

    1. Oh Bill— but your home values are so high now… you mean you’re not doing the happy dance like all Mark’s friends in Spring Hill and beyond?

      Welcome to the nightmare of how they manufactured this entire rigged up plan to give the monied liberals what they wanted while sending the rest of us into a slow burn of switching gears to save what we worked so hard to achieve.

      Maybe our prayers will someday be answered. I believe in miracles and karma.

  3. In my opinion, it was totally rigged to bring in this clown. He’s an urban planner from Brandeis and is working on the beacon street hotel project, owns two homes (maybe more in the future)…. hey life is grand for these people who were voted in to care for their constituency.

    How do these bad decisions effect them? They gain more power from the monied liberals who have descended like a flock of vultures upon our town.

    Remember how he got elected- ODonovan stepped down, Courtney filled in for a short time, then suddenly this guy comes in from nowhere. You think that was a accident?
    And another alderman who’s daughter went to Tufts. Funny how Tufts hasn’t been stopped on the continue benefits of non-profit, no tax, real estate acquisitions.

    One of their representatives has asked for more of Ward 7 homes and the 30 they already have are being converted to student housing. Can’t they break into their billions in endowment to finance an on campus project for housing? I wonder how the students parents feel about that?

  4. Before everyone gets ahead of themselves you need to get the word out to all your neighbors including the new ones. They will be penalized as well when they choose to leave for greener pastures and find the City just hijacked some of there equity and cannot afford the suburban delight.

    With regards to the new board members many if not all will likely support the idea. The real question out of them who owns and what and who rents.

    Many of the comments on this TAX are great, but stay on the subject matter get the word out and rebel. Do like those that just shocked many with the last couple of elections. Work the ground game contact every elected official at both the local and state level and tell them no.

    Inform your neighbors use every media tool, speak out, face book, snap chat text etc. The more that are information the better served the homeowners will be served.

    The so called housing crisis has been caused by no other than many of them current and past. Nothing was done to curtail the Condo boom, adding of bedrooms with parity of bathrooms, Large buildings being condo converted and the deceit used to get tenants out of residences so this could be accomplished.

    I attended the recent Zoning meeting at City Hall and there were a large presence of the flippers, developers, investors and others in attendance needing to know how much more time they have before its last call and no more.

    With that more to discuss lets be voisterous get the word out and do not forget the other issue that is being pushed the right of refusal to a tenant when you want to sell.

    Our homes belong to us not the politicians or government.

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